West End Neighbors needs your help! (Any questions for the Candidates?)

The West End Neighbors are hosting a Candidates Forum during their meeting on October 25th. They’re looking for questions from residents for the candidates. So now is your chance to get involved. What are your biggest “West End” issues that you would like to talk about? Here, I’ll help you out: 

Are you concerned about traffic?
Want some speed bumps?
Is parking your biggest concern?
Do you love/hate Irish day?
Are you pissed (no pun intended) w/ drunks urinating on your property? 
Mad as poop (no pun intended) over folks not curbing their dogs?
Do you want more banks? 
Do you want more/less bars?
Do you want less nail salons? 
Do you want the West End beautified?
Do you want to bring back the pedi-cabs? (a blast from the past!)
Do you want more bike racks?
Do you want bike lanes?
 Do you want to stop the construction of Mcbungalows?
Mad about franchises opening up?
Concerned about the douche bags and their fighting?
Are you upset over the proposed prison? (ok, that’s a joke)

Come on West Enders! I don’t even live in the West End and I just came up with seventeen topics! What are your main concerns? Post them here for the West End Neighbors to read and voice your opinion at the upcoming meeting. If you say nothing, then something like a prison might actually get built! Get involved or quite complaining.

Maryland Avenue Community Center

9 Replies to “West End Neighbors needs your help! (Any questions for the Candidates?)”

  1. so, parking is a big issue in the west end, right? i’ve been living here for 8 years and don’t totally agree, but every says it is, so fine. for the past two years, the city has asked neighbors to rat out their neighbors who are illegally renting out apartments, hence, getting more cars off the street. we can debate the wisdom of this move another time (great way to build community character and also to help people get through a recession when foreclosures are at record highs, but I digress).

    When I’m walking the blocks in the west end, all I notice are empty spots where driveways are suppose to be. i mean, technically, the driveway is there, but 9 out of 10 times they’re blocked by flood boards or the ‘garage’ is being use for any number of purposes other than well, a driveway. I’m sure it’s a personal property issue, but I’m thinkin that if we really want to solve parking problems in the west end, we institute a “driveway, use it or lose it” campaign. Dear candidate x, y, z….is this possible? what do you think?

  2. No way. Residents have purchased their house (with addditonal cost because of having a driveway) with the understanding that the driveway was theirs, to use or not use. Also, there is no way to monitor this. Lots of people put up flood boards and remove them when moving cars into/out of the garage.

    I also disagree with your illegal apartment rant. If I understand you correctly you think its ok for people to do so because the economy. The illegal tenants, in my opinion, do so much more than take up parking places. They send kids to our schools without paying into it. They use our community resources. And, if they are young adults (not all, but some), become a detriment to our wonderful community by pissing on our cars, littering the streets and beaches with beercans, loud music etc…I am happy to rat out any illegals.

  3. if you aren’t using your driveway as a driveway but an extension of your living space /storage/ whatever tickles your fancy….your curb cut should be removed. maybe not physically because that would be expensive. but the whole no parking infront of your driveway should be LIFTED. you know how many parking spots would be added in the west end? yeah, you buy the right to park there but you do not buy the curb nor the curb space infront of your house.

  4. There is no way to monitor who uses or doesn’t use their garage. If you did try to monitor this, people would just make it appear that they use it, so your plan isnt going to work.

    As far as your comment on buying the right to park there…I can’t park in my driveway/garage without a free space in front of the the driveway / garage.

    Getting rid of illegal tenants would help (not solve) the parking situation much more easily.

  5. well, if we’re happy to rat people out, we could use that as a way to monitor, no?

    and my original point about cracking down on illegal apartments in a bad economy wasn’t to say that it was ok to have a legal apartment. personally, i would much rather the city set up an amnesty program that allows folks to easily apply for legal multi-family status and follow that with a crackdown. my point about the bad economy is this, if you live on the west end, look up and down your block. how many for sale signs do you see? odds are, those are people looking to get out from under a mortgage they can’t handle. i’m currently looking at real estate in the west end and there’s a new foreclosure listing every other day. if you make a priority of cracking down on all the existing illegal housing without offering a pathway to become legal, you’re essentially expediting this process. too many homes get foreclosed on, guess what happens? real estate values drop, taxes have to go up and more people lose their shirts on the single biggest investment they’ve ever made.

    personally, i would rather get rid of the unused driveways. as i said initially though, it’s not gunna happen as it’s a personal property issue, but i still think it’s worth throwing out there.

  6. Where do you find the list of foreclosed properties ? I def don’t want more multi family housing. For those people who have lost their jobs and have to foreclose, I feel sorry for them. But if they bought a one family house and are renting out a second unit, not at all. Foreclose on them. There no for sale signs on my block.

  7. Every house is taxed on its section, block and lot. If you pay taxes on a 40×40 lot that has a driveway, to implement a “use it or lose it” would require more tax lots. It would be incredible complicated and will be nothing but a mess of paperwork and pissed off homeowners.

    How do you decide who gets to use/purchase a driveway? it’s impossible! It could turn into a situation where the rich guy on the block owns all the driveways..

  8. what about when a neighbor had two garages? (have seen it). Also, what about when people paint their driveway line well past the driveway on either side? Can they actually call a tow truck on you? I find myself taking pics of my park just in case.

  9. Unless the lines were placed there by the city, I don’t think they can tow you. You are talking about Lines on the street? I think they can only tow you if you are blocking their driveway.

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