Opinion: Blogging FOR the LB Patch? (sort of…..)

I like the LB Patch. I follow them, read their stories and even link to them when necessary. Lately I’ve been noticing a trend that’s been bugging me. I sometimes get the feeling that the LB Patch gets some of their ideas from this blog, yet gives us no credit to speak of.

I first noticed this in late June after I posted an article that contains a link to an earlier story which mentions the idea of Bed & Breakfasts in Long Beach. The very next day the LB Patch posted a topic on B&Bs! (see LB Patch – Question of the Day: Bed and Breakfasts?). Coincidence? Hmm it didn’t feel that way to me. At first I was a little puzzled, but then flattered that people actually read this stuff. Ok, so that’s fine. Long Beach is a small city and I guess we in the media feed off each other.

These coincidences started becoming more frequent. People kept emailing and commenting that they’re noticing the same trend. Here are just a few examples, most of them from the past few weeks:

  1. Boot Camp: Seabythecity on October 17th,  LB Patch on October 20th (Coincidence? Maybe. Boot Camper-Jodi probably contacted all the local media to promote her business, as she should. I just thought it was odd seeing this story a few days after we published it.)
  2. City Releases Quiksilver numbers: Seabythecity on October 17th, LB Patch on October 19th (Inevitable? Sure, eventually the Patch was going to write about this, but one has to wonder if our post with links to the files helped them out. I have no proof of this, so I’m merely speculating here and it’s my opinion.)
  3. John Henry’s: Seabythecity on August 25th, LB Patch on October 17th (Coincidence? Yeah probably. Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but this awesome pub with amazing wings has been around for a while. Now the Patch decides to write about it?)
  4. Quiksilver involved with the Bobis memorial: Seabythecity on October 13th, LB Patch on October 14th (Coincidence? hmm I don’t know. Shaun got the ‘Quiksilver involvement’ tip by following their Facebook page. It’s not like a press release was issued or anything. Some of the wording does seems similar… hey, I’m just saying…. Again, this is my opinion.)
  5. Dunes Deli / Surf City Pizza Fire Update: Seabythecity on October 12th, LB Patch on October 14th (Coincidence? No. I find this one to be bizarre. I pass by this strip every day and nothing really has changed since the fire early this summer except a FOR RENT sign. Why all of a sudden it’s a news story?)
  6. Beach Patrol Headquarters Saved: Seabythecity on October 7th, LB Patch on October 13th (Ok, of course the Patch would write about this, but six days after the fact? I’m just speculating here, but did they totally just miss this story and then saw it on our site? I expected an article from them the day it happend. Didn’t you? Again, add this to the ‘bizarre’ category.)
  7. Superblock Cleanup: Seabythecity on July 25th, LB Patch on August 3rd  (Coincidence? or a good idea for the  Question of the Day? Again, I feel that our post a week earlier gave them the idea.)
  8. Don’t even get me started with the Boardwalk Beating… before any LBPD press release was issued, the Patch reported it, but where did they get their tip from? Hey, At least the Herald gave us some love.

There are so many more…  Biddy Mulligan’s (Sea / Patch) ahh… I can go on. I’m not accusing them of lifting our stories, but some of these coincidences are a little too much for us to ignore. Like I said, Long Beach is a small city. We’re going to have overlapping stories, but we always link LB Patch with full credit. I guess I’m just a little annoyed because these coincidences are too much for me to ignore. Especially since we don’t sell advertisement space to local merchants making money off of it.

LB Patch: If you ever do get a tip from us, please give us credit when credit is due. We give it to you (Enjoy the 14 links to your site that I posted in this article).

8 Replies to “Opinion: Blogging FOR the LB Patch? (sort of…..)”

  1. you are not crazy. i totally agree. you and shaun and the other contributers to this site are on top of everything and in a timely manner. this is where i come for most up-to-date happenings in our city.

    keep ‘er up!

  2. HA, thanks for the comments guys. We do our best. Like I said in this post, it’s my opinion. The Patch does have their place and we have ours. And yes, we take it as a form of flattery.

  3. Dear Shaun & Anthony,

    Since I moved to LB in April, thanks to the internet, I have gotten to know LB through the LBPatch stories fairly quickly. The patch had been my go-to site, until I discovered SBTC (through a link actually in one of the comments on the LBPatch).

    You guys ARE by far superior (speed of reporting, openness and directness, and actually trying to get to the bottom of things) and you actually deserve to be making some kind of revenue, somehow, IMHO.

    I have noticed all of the above and AGREE 100% that LBPatch and Joseph Kellard (josephk@patch.com) should at least give you credit when they get story inspirations from SBTC!

    I have abandoned LBPatch as my premier source of LB information since I felt the reporting had gotten a little bit too kind towards the Republican Despots, they simply started just linking to other articles (Newsday and Long Beach Herald) and I started to notice these “rip-off” stories (even with the exact same pictures!). I also follow
    SBTC on twitter now: @seabythecity

    Keep up the GREAT work Shaun & Anthony!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words folks, but I didn’t want to turn this into a long beach patch-bashing party. Being that we are not a news organization, we don’t report on every story in town. We also get a lot of stuff from the patch that we write about – mostly our opinions since this is a blog. We also count on you guys for sending us stories, so thanks for that. Our goal is to keep everybody in town honest.

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