West End Joins the Debate (Pizza Quest)

Continuing Pizza Quest, I pulled up a booth at West End Pizza (corner of Beech and Wyoming)  for what some locals call “the best slice” in Long Beach – but what do West Enders know?  Quite a bit it seems.

The rules of Pizza Quest can be found here.

The Regular Slice

A crisp thin crust matched with a great ratio of sauce to cheese.  Everything you could want in a slice, cooked to perfection without tasting of raw dough or burnt cheese.  The only downside?  Perhaps a bit greasy for a regular slice without toppings.

The Wildcard (Chicken Marsala)

Though it can’t be seen in the picture, this actually had a sesame seed crust like its cousin pizzeria in the East End.  The slice was heavy without being soggy or over loaded.  The Marsala sauce mixed well with the chicken and mushrooms.  All and all a nice specialty slice without much issue, though nothing spectacular.


Now, I know pizza is sacred in Long Beach, and my next sentence may be blasphemous to some (and I thought I would never say it myself), but as regular slices go, West End’s is superior to Gino’s.  After eating West End’s regular slice I really got everything I wanted in a piece of pizza.  Having eaten nearly everything Gino’s makes, I think their only weakness is their regular slice itself, and West End shines there.

Because a number means nothing, I think it is all about how each slice compares to the others.  Because of that, I’m using a relative rating system.  As I head out to more establishments, it will become more clear who stands out.

Long Beach Pizza Quest Standings

(Higher on the list is better)

West End Pizza


East End Pizza

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4 thoughts on “West End Joins the Debate (Pizza Quest)”

  1. I have to agree that West End pizza IS the better slice – it’s about time someone copped on to this. I’m glad you weren’t afraid to admit it!

  2. I have to admit, I’ve never been to West, but if it’s better than Gino’s and East. that is saying a lot. Both are great in their own way.

    So are East & West the same owners?

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