Long Beach isn’t the only town with boardwalk problems (Concrete Crumbles Coney Island)

Check out this article and video over at NY1 regarding the Coney Island Boardwalk (NY1 – Design Commission Keeps Concrete Away From Coney Island Boardwalk). According to the article, the NYC Parks Department are pushing to make the boardwalk “more durable and cost effective”  by using cement. Well it’s crumbling and the residents of Coney Island don’t like it:

“I can’t call it a boardwalk anymore. It’s a cement structure, it’s grainy, it’s really hard on the foot,” said one opponent.

“It’s disgusting. Why do you want to put a garageway in the middle of Coney Island?” said another opponent.

Concerning our own boardwalk, the only time I saw cement mentioned was from an August 2010 LB Herald article (read – Residents call for boardwalk to be fixed). From the article:

Other options include replacing the boardwalk planks with more durable materials — synthetics and prefabricated concrete have been discussed — that are stronger than the current pine planks…..

“All of a sudden they’re looking at it again and talking about a concrete boardwalk, all things that residents don’t want,” said City Councilman Mike Fagen.  (source LB Herald – Residents call for boardwalk to be fixed).

Concrete would be a disaster – both aesthetically and historically. Not to mention how hot it gets!  I can’t embed the NY1 Video, so go over there and watch it. It’s only two minutes long.

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5 thoughts on “Long Beach isn’t the only town with boardwalk problems (Concrete Crumbles Coney Island)”

  1. You make a good point. Although, a concrete broadwalk could solve some traffic and parking issues.. think of all the cars that can fit on there. Although, we’d have to add some stop lights and maybe some stop signs.

  2. I am a licensed Professional Engineer living in Coney Island. I serve as an expert witness on various technical matters. I also know first-hand how the City of New York thinks. I volunteer my engineering services at no cost to stop the concrete boardwalk plan. I plan to attend the meeting Saturday 1/21/12 at the Brighton Beach Library. Look for me there.

  3. The City should implement a .5% tax on all future real estate purchases and create a boardwalk maintenance fund. This would be similar to the preservation fund set up by some towns out east. I believe they have a 2% tax on purchases of property valued over a certain amount. It would add about $2500. to a $500,000 purchase. Not sure how many sales there are in a year…just a thought.

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