LB’s Ax Men Chopping Dead Trees on Park (Resident Gripes)

Calling it, “such a shame,” a pair of residents over the last few days have emailed and posted on the Seabythecity Facebook page wondering why trees were cut down in the parking median between Edwards and Riverside Blvds.  The City is already rehabbing the parking medians east of Long Beach Road so I thought it may have to do with that.

To get to the bottom of it, I talked with the Commissioner of Public Works, Kevin Mulligan.

Mr. Mulligan said that, “most of the trees had little to no leaves this summer,” and  “City personnel had evaluated them as well as a local landscape/arborist.”  They confirmed those trees “were dead or dying.”

He said that the issue was those dead trees coming down during winter storms across one of the City’s “busiest thoroughfare.”  Put simply, “We could not risk public safety going into the winter.”

He made very clear, “The City never likes removing any tree, especially mature trees,” but went on to say, “these had become a hazard to public safety.”

Long story short, dead trees get blown down by storms, and with snow and ice coming, these dead trees could collapse.

Mr. Mulligan went on to say, “the removal of the trees/stumps will be completed shortly” and said the City is committed to replanting in the Spring (instead of rushing to plant new trees now that would certainly be killed off by the coming winter).

So you ask the questions, we try and find the answers.

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