The Green Clean Co-Op (A new Long Beach eco-friendly cleaning service!)

Joanne, Ingrid, Autumn and Bernadett. These four West School moms in Long Beach just started The Green Clean Co-Op – a home and office cleaning service that is eco-friendly and safe.

They use non-toxic and eco-friendly Shaklee products that are biodegradable cleaners, resulting in the same or better results as conventional counterparts, but with none of the chemical hazards. And I heard these are the same products that are used to clean the White House and Vice President’s residence!

This service is a first of its kind for Long Beach and a great idea for any office or home with children, pets, elderly or allergy-sufferers.

Discounts are available to customers who purchase the Shaklee Get Clean products. Contact Joanne by calling (516) 351-1654.  Free estimates are available. More info can be found on their blog:


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