18 thoughts on “Take the West End Neighbor’s Dunkin’ Donuts Poll”

  1. I couldn’t care less.
    I’d rather see some QUALITY restaurants move in to Long Beach. Yes we do have a lot of restaurants, but we don’t really have Good, Upscale and QUALITY ones. Some that we could dress up on a Saturday night to go out to as they have on the North Shore.
    We have one or two god ones but you can go there on a Saturday night and fine the person next to you in a bathing suit and flip flops if your lucky and don’t have them barefoot.
    We need a good Steak House as they have in Great Neck or in Roslyn, and one or two real good Italian’s other than the local pizza joints.

  2. I agree with joannerea… you live in LB so that sandals is the staple and black sandals count as formal wear. WHY ON EARTH would you want Lb to be anything like Great Neck or Roslyn?!!?!??! Thats like saying you like oranges but wished they tasted like apples. I don’t even know how to respond to that. The best you can do is cross the bridge to Island Park… or leave, and move to Roslyn or Great Neck. Eeesh! Those places are the 5th and 6th rings of hell!

  3. SHAME on Rick Hoffman for introducing himself as the West End Neighborhood Association President and launching into a full scale attack against Mike Fagen. As President you know damn well how wrong it was to spew that hate while representing the West End. I call for YOUR resignation.

  4. I agree with you.. so tired of the lack of quality restaurants in LB. Everything is overpriced Applebee’s food that lacks taste and imagination. I was hoping the Allegria was going to provided that place to get a little more dressed up but the food there disappoints too. Would love some upscale steakhouses

  5. Snob? I don’t think that anyone who wishes to get dressed up nicely on a Saturday night can be considered a “Snob”. Flip Flops or as you prefer to call it “sandals ” may be a staple to YOU, but not to me or anyone else I know that has a bit of class. If you count Flip Flops or (sandals) as formal wear, then it only goes to prove my point.
    And for your information Flip Flops are NOT Sandals.
    I suppose you see Bathing suits as casual wear.

    But if flip-flops, bathing suits, cut-off jeans, T-shirts, men’s undershirts and baseball caps are your thing and suitable for the things to wear the dining room of a nice restaurant on a Saturday night. I would think that you belong in the Lido Deli

  6. I never said that I wanted them to be the same! I said that if you are going into a NICE restaurant on a Saturday night, for heavens sake don’t look like a slob!

    Casual Dress code does not mean wearing Flip-Flops and Baseball caps, and D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y NOT bathing suits.
    So, please don’t try going to a nice restaurant wearing a tank top no matter how buff you are. Or how much you want to show off your tattoos. It’s not likely to work out for you.
    Even if the restaurant allows jeans, you shouldn’t push your luck by wearing ones that are really baggy or torn. Or showing your crack.
    D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y Forbidden footwear for nice places are sneakers,, and flip-flops. I’ve even seen people with bare feet.
    Don’t assume all places have the same dress code. Just because one restaurant allowed you in wearing a t-shirt doesn’t mean that the next one will.

  7. @BIGKAHUNA Honestly, are you sure your aware of your surroundings and you actually live in Longbeach? ITS A BEACH TOWN !! FLIP-FLOPS TANK TOPS & BATHING SUITS ARE THE DRESS CODE HERE!! Its what makes us,.. US!! I know you must be referring to “BACK IN THE DAY TIMES” with some of those statements you made, well times have changed. Everything is laid back casual now, but nothing wrong if you feel the need on a HOT summer night to get dressed all stuffy, whatever rocks your boat, regardless, the Margaritas & taco’s taste the same no matter what the attire, same as a fine steak does in a so called upscale restaurant weather your in a tie or flip flops…your comments make you sound like a snobbish bore, why do you care about anyone else but the company your with when your out for a good meal, why are youlooking at others when you should be looking at whom ever is across from you ?? I’ll tell you who does that.. people who think their better than others SNOBS TO BE EXACT !

  8. Joannera why can’t LB have one nice restaurant with quality food where you can dress up and go out? I hate having to cross the bridge to go to Jimmy Hayes. Why are you so against it? Bigkahuna is 100% right! You don’t need to go there you can continue to go to the “ok” restaurants we currently have.

  9. joannerea I’m as aware of the surroundings here in LB as you or anyone else is. But perhaps I have different values than you do.
    It is NOT the dress code that makes us. If you or I wish to go to Minnesota’s or the Whale’s Tale, Pop’s or the Beach House, The Saloon, or Swingbelly’s or other casual restaurants in long beach, then that’s fine. But my question was why not have a few upscale places here where people can “dress up” and go to on a Saturday night, (is there anything wrong with that?) but I can see that’s not yours style, so I’ll end this conversation by saying to each his own.
    Sweetie, you have your beer with a lime stuck in it, or a tequilas with a worm on the bottom and I’ll have my drink of pleasure.
    Have a nice day.

  10. I agree with Joanerra. Laid back is the way to go. I look to the day that we can all wear adult diapers whether we are incontinent or not. Who needs the hassle of hitting the head. Live and let live. Flip flops, tank tops, Speedos, PBRs and Depends. Now that’s West End living!

  11. First let me comment that a DD is a very stable oragnization that has VERY VERY STRICT operating proceedures. They have a brand to protect, which gives each store very little leeway in how the store is to operate.. Basically, it will be much better run, then a sole proprietor(sorry for the spelling) who has no one to answer for… That building has been vacant for some time now, and everyone knows somewhere with lots of empty store fronts is unappealing (aka. Detroit).

    Lastly, Franchise is not a dirty word…..you dont become every town USA with 1 or 2 franchises. I do agree a drive through is terrible, and if some how an aggreement can be reached to get rid of that part, it can only help Long Beach…..

  12. Reply to Joannerea

    In Long Beach if you’re looking for an upscale restaurant to go to on a Sat. night and dress even fairly nice, I have news for you. There isn’t any!!!!! Coming from another town this was not at all what we expected.
    I’m a single female in my 30’s and personally, I can’t dine with (or date) a guy who doesn’t dress to my liking, and all I ask for is to dress neatly and not to look like he just came from the gym.
    A neat pair of jeans or khakis, and a nice button-down, polo, or sweater if fine. A tank-top with ripped jeans and a baseball cap is not. I know that very few restaurants in Long Beach impose a dress code. Casual wear is certainly acceptable, but the term casual is a broad term. .
    We went to one of the “better” places here on a Saturday night. We made dinner reservations and were seated at a really small table so small that we were hardly able to manage eating with the amount of plates on the table.
    I don’t like to label people, but the crowd seemed to be extremely underdressed. I didn’t know that men still walked around with their jeans down to their knees. And women were walking around in bikini tops. This is NOT the type of environment I wanted to be in while having dinner. It drives me nuts, personally. Can’t we have anything special anymore? I know people are going to say it’s none of my business what they wear when we’re in the same restaurant, but if my party is dressed up and you’re wearing your jorts at the next table it makes it less nice for us. It ruins the atmosphere for the other diners. They’re wearing what the restaurant says is OK, so you can’t blame them. I blame the restaurant.
    What I really don’t like is paying for a sub par meal and service but dinning next to someone who belongs in a pub or a Rib-Joint, with his feet up on the chair next to me, when I’m paying the price for a upscale meal is nauseating.
    The food wasn’t great, either. It certainly wasn’t fit to be called upscale at all. My pasta came out very fast and very cold.
    Maybe we came on a bad night. There definitely should be better spots in Long Beach.
    But If joannerea is happy in an over priced restaurant on the beach where the service that sucked, and with surrounding people that look as if they belonged in a slum then by all means go here.
    Dress comfortably, and casually, but please do not dress sloppy or indecent. Sloppy Joe’s are a sandwich not a description for a person. Some people have the attitude and think that If they take my money, they’ll accept my jeans. Well if that’s your way of thinking fine, but it’s not mine.

  13. I agree, Long Beach isn’t like any other town, and that is not such a bad thing….I enjoy upscale dining more then most people, and know when im in the mood for it, i will be heading to NYC or towards the north shore of long island…but lets get back to the issue on hand….A Dunken Donuts taking up a vacant store front in long beach…. The location being looked at is so close to the Atlantic Beach/ Long Beach border, is that really what we want vistors to see,empty store fronts???? Everyone needs to look at the bigger picture…..We have a ” High End” Hotel (notice the quotes around High End) and a new apartment building that shows the start of a transformation of the city in general. Go back 30 years and tell me Long Beach isnt a much different place then it was…. Change is good!!!!!!!

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