Question: Anybody else in Long Beach with smelly & dirty water issues?

LB Lou asks….

Our water always smelled really foul but according to all the paperwork we get from LB the water’s fine. Still, I put in a water filtration system to my house, a reputable/professional plumber installed it. You’re supposed to change the filter every 6 months. I changed it after three.  A photo is attached (See Photo below) comparing the “old” filter with a new one.  The old filter is covered with a sticky tar-like residue.  You could scrape it off.  The company that makes the filtration system had never seen anything like it (we emailed the photo to them, too).

There’s something really not right with that.  Maybe you’ve been hearing something similar from others in LB? 

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6 thoughts on “Question: Anybody else in Long Beach with smelly & dirty water issues?”

  1. I swear I’ve gotten sick off of the straight tap when I moved in. Ever since I will only drink filtered (and I burn them out at an alarming pace). I figured it was just the building and not the City.

  2. Long Beach water is horrible, even more so than the rest of Long Island, do not drink it unfiltered! You can see the latest quality report here. Yes, it’s from 2007!

    I wonder how the water pollution plant that handles our sewage plays into this. And isn’t there a plant that has been dumping chemicals into Reynolds Channel… we get well water but our water table is so high it’s east for pollutants to seep into it.

  3. I moved in about a year and a half ago and the first thing I noticed was the water. I was hoping that it was because the until was unoccupied for a month, but no luck. The water here is gross, it’s visibly a different color looking through my brita pitcher comparing the top to the bottom. It gets a bit better after they flush the hydrants, which it looks like they do twice a year around the 300 block of Shore.

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