Time to make the donuts? Poll results are in + West End Holiday Light Update

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As part of the West End Neighbors Beautification Committee’s continuing efforts to beautify the West End, we are excited to announce there will be Christmas lighting along parts of West Beech Street this holiday season.

This multi-organizational effort was spearheaded by Walks Association President Jaime Lynch, West End Neighbors President Rick Hoffman, the Historic West End Business Association members Sean Schaefer and Jason Schatzberg, Legislator Denise Ford and City Manager Charles Theofan and Director of Labor Relations Lenny Remo.
The members of the Historic West End Business Association recently pooled together considerable funds and purchased twenty-five decorative ornaments and two streetscapes to be affixed to predetermined street light poles along West Beech Street.  Legislator Denise Ford has committed to obtain grant monies to pay for the installation of the decorations and the City has offered to absorb the lighting costs.  We are tentatively planning a lighting ceremony on the evening ofWednesday, November 23rd with details to be posted in various media outlets as available.
On behalf of the West End Neighbors Beautification Committee and all of our members we cannot thank the Historic West End Business Association, Legislator Ford and the City Administration enough for working with us to make this extremely generous contribution to our community, which will become a wonderful holiday tradition.  It is just another example of how people from different organizations in Long Beach can collectively work together to take responsibility upon ourselves to make the West End all that it can be.
The results of the West End Dunkin Donuts Poll are in!  There were a total of 185 respondents.  Overall, 81% of the individuals polled were against a Dunkin Donuts on West Beech Street, with 19% in favor. West End Neighbors members were 83% against/17% in favor while 79% of the general public who responded were against and 21% were in favor.  President Rick Hoffman presented these findings along with over 200 opposition signatures at the November 1stCity Council meeting.
Hoffman also spoke with the property owner’s real estate representative this week, who stated there is currently no deal (i.e. written lease agreement) in place for leasing the property.  As this time, Dunkin Donuts is still interested in coming to the West End.  Therefore, the responsibility falls on the residents and the Administration to dissuade the property owner and the chain from bringing such a store into the West End.  Please sign the petition at one of the local shops, respond to our poll at http://westendneighbors-longbeach.org/ , post on the various Long Beach blogs and/or call City Hall to voice your opinion!

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5 thoughts on “Time to make the donuts? Poll results are in + West End Holiday Light Update”

  1. While I am delighted that the West End businesses are banding together to bring much needed Christmas decorations to Beech Street I must clarify the designation of West End Beautification Committee. Judy Rudnic and I began beautification efforts for the West End back in June due to the years of neglect that remained unaddressed. As members of WENCA we worked as a Committee but soon realized that the limitations imposed by Rick Hoffman, Pres. and Karen McInnis, secretary, precluded us from working in the way that we felt comfortable and most beneficial to the West End. We had to assume that this was a result of Rick’s position as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, which is appointed by the City Council. While remaining members of WENCA, we are now continuing our work to clean and beautify the West End apart from WENCA. We can be reached at. http://www.westendbeautification.com.

    It is of particular importance to me that this distinction is clear in the aftermath of Rick Hoffman’s outrageous performance at last night’s City Council meeting. To represent himself as President of WENCA and then launch into a personal attack on one of the council members, even going so far as announcing that the police were called to his home for a domestic dispute is beyond the limits of civil discourse. He certainly does not represent me and many others with this type of behavior. While I left the meeting before this outburst occurred, it was recorded by another member of WENCA and distributed widely via e-mail. The motto of WENCA is “courtesy is contagious” and in my opinion, this tirade was based not on righteous indignation, but for personal politics.

  2. I could not agree with you more. Rick Hoffman’s behavior was contemptible. How dare he represent the WENCA in such a despicable manner. He’s rude, crude and a shill for the present administration in city hall. If he had any respect for the WEN residents he should resign immediately. As far as the West end Beautification, you have my support. I believe you will thrive without being under the wing of Rick and Karen.

  3. Where is Waldo (as in Rick Hoffman)

    Hoffman is laying low. As a resident of the West End, I can tell you that this is not his style. As many of you have witnessed at the city council meeting of November 1, 2011, his monolithic bombast at councilman Fagen was completely over the top. But suddenly, neither a hint nor scintilla of objection to the things that are being circulated concerning his character, his ethics and his honor.

    What I find ironic, is something that I have stated on numerous occasions regarding his ability to lead an organization. I have always maintained that he is incompetent and “couldn’t get arrested.” Obviously, I was wrong. He did get arrested

    After reading about his arrest for the purchase of crack cocaine while intoxicated and in FDNY uniform, I was beset with a very troubling image. I see heroic fireman rushing into the World Trade Center while one of their brotherhood is intoxicated and purchasing crack cocaine in Washington Heights. I wanted to hear what he had to say in his defense. For the last four days all we have is complete silence. Why is that? It’s a rhetorical question. We all know why. There isn’t any defense for the purchase of cocaine. So, he decides to completely ignore the accusations and hopes that the entire issue will go away. At first glance this is not a bad strategy. However, upon closer examination one realizes that it is based simply on hope and wishful thinking. It is bound to fail. The point is it will not dissolve like some wisp of smoke. It is here to stay. Just as Hester Prynne was condemned to wear the scarlet letter “A” on her chest, Hoffman must live with a similar branding. You can be as creative as you wish. Perhaps the letter “C” for cocaine, “Ph” for phony, etc. I would be interested to hear what some of our readers might suggest. Let’s get as many as possible. Perhaps, we can run a contest. Sorry, I was starting to have fun with that.

    I offer the following advice as the best strategy to make this all go away. Resign from both the zoning board and WENCA. This will not only help you, but more importantly, it will be a great benefit to the citizens of Long Beach.

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