Island Park needs our help! LET’S TEAR DOWN LONG BEACH MOTOR INN!!

Our neighbors over in Island Park need our help! The Island Park Civic Association are hoping to get some support for their rally/protest to shut down the Long Beach Motor Inn.

We are holding a rally/protest on Saturday November 5th at 11 a.m. to shut down the Long Beach Motor Inn.  Nassau County places homeless sex offenders and felons at this motel, along with families with children.  It is a totally intolerable situation.  For example, a few years ago a convicted felon placed at this motel raped a woman in Long Beach – This happened in 2009 and your site ran an article on it. We are expecting a big crowd of Island Park  residents and would love to get more folks from Long Beach to join us.  Please see our website located at for more details.

When: Saturday, November 5th

TIme & Place: 11am to 2pm. Meet in the Ace Hardware parking lot at 10:45am.

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4 thoughts on “Island Park needs our help! LET’S TEAR DOWN LONG BEACH MOTOR INN!!”

  1. and while we are at it, we should tear down “Island Motors” just a few blocks away, whose owner Rick sells pieces of shit cars and trucks which catch on fire, need new transmission or motors about 30+ days after purchase!! (photos upon request)

  2. Not that I want to share my couch with any and every homeless sex offender, but what should the county do with them? Simple-minded “no in my backyard” shouting doesn’t actually solve the problem.

  3. I want to thank the folks from LB who came down to support us. We really appreciate it.

    Brian – It is not a NIMBY situation, although IP bears more than its fair share. (See Plantation Motel, Long Beach Motor Inn, Abbey Manor, LIPA power plant, Dump… ))
    A big problem is that the County places homeless felons and sex offenders in the same motel where they place homeless families. Can you imagine being a homeless kid living in a motel room next to a murderer just released from upstate prison, or a registered sex offender. It is horrendous, and has been going on for at least the last 5 years. The County is to blame for the situation. Denise Ford has been promising to do something about it for 4 years, and absolutely nothing changes.

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