Election 2011 (LB Politics: Business As Usual)

With the 2011 Long Beach election upon us, we cap off what appears to have been a particularly venomous season, but the more I’ve read about it, the more it turns out this is par for the course in Long Beach.

When thinking about what sort of shenanigans have gone on during this cycle, the way the debates were handled, the City Council meetings,  the behind the scenes games these politicos have been playing, the horrendous signs and fliers across town; I couldn’t help but think of this 2003 New York Times article, “New Year in Long Beach Is Truly Special”

I’ll give you the lead paragraph:


THEY use words like ”liberation” to describe the fall of a government dominated by one man who governed through intimidation and fear, doling out patronage jobs and contracts for insiders and retaliating against anyone who dared to challenge the system.

The article goes on to highlight the tyranny of a former Long Beach regime who was vilified – rightly so – for all sorts of obvious violations, and how an up-and-coming group of politicians were going to come in and clean up the City.  It goes on to highlight lawsuits facing the City, financial challenges, development issues, and how the new team promised to “open up” City workings.

My point?  It’s 7 years later, the City has swapped the majority party a few times, yet LB still faces all the same challenges – and then some – and it’s election time yet again.  You can read all over the interwebs about “who” you’re supposed to vote for.  You’ve gotten ads stuck to your windshield, politicians standing at the train station (I particularly enjoy this at 6:30AM), and signs across town trying to convince you who is better for Long Beach.

The last thing I’m going to tell you is who to vote for, instead all I say is to make up your own mind and vote.  Long Beach is decided by single votes.  In the 2009 election a candidate lost by 12 votes – clearly, you can actually make a difference and have your vote count in a way it never will in state-wide or national election.

So while I won’t tell you who to vote for – beside’s Anthony’s Transparency Party of course – why not chime in below and discuss your impressions of Election 2011, who you’re voting for, and what you think about the candidates.  I for one am thrilled Election Fever may soon break.







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