Democratic Landslide (Long Beach Votes)

The unofficial Election 2011 results are in and the winners are:

Torres – 3,798
Adelson – 3,796
Mandel – 3,708
Weiss – 3,333
Sofield – 3,324
Goodman – 3,321

City Council

Democrats Len Torres (incumbent), Fran Adelson, and Scott Mandel won seats.

Republican incumbents, Mona Goodman and Thomas Sofield Junior lost their seats, while Marvin Weiss goes down for his second defeat in a City Council election.

With the winnings in the City Council, the balance of power now moves from Republicans 3-2 to a Democrats 4-1.  MikeFagen remains as an incumbent Democrat and John McLaughlin remains as the incumbent Republican.  For sure, there will be a lot of changes come inauguration day and you’ll be sure to hear about it here.  This now makes the fourth political majority swap in nine years!

County Legislature

Denise Ford  beat incumbent Darlene Tangney in Nassau Country’s fourth district.

8 Replies to “Democratic Landslide (Long Beach Votes)”

  1. Coalition — serve with dignity and humility on your way out. Do what is best for LB and not yourselves as you exit. Winning candidates, take your positions with dignity, do not think of yourselves as you come in, but how you can best serve Long Beach. Many of of us did not vote for you, we voted against the other guys. Remember that.

  2. Good job Publius. I second that. Democrats, break the destructive mold of decades in Long Beach. Do not be influenced by the usual cast of behind the scene leeches, characters and so-called “power brokers.” Resist them all and their wiles and bribes. Be independent and thoughtful of the best interests of all of the people of Long Beach. No more friends and family. No more payback and revenge. And, naturally, get a good exterminating and cleaning crew (use bleach and incense) to shape up the city manager’s office, as it has been inhabited by a gutless and vile creature for most of the last eight years.

  3. soooo.. spending will help the “growing fiscal crisis?” I don’t know about you, but when I am in a fiscal crisis, I stop spending until my account grows some more.

  4. Sic Semper Tyrannis – Thus always to tyrants. For the first time in my life I voted the democratic ticket. The Republicans’ arrogance and lack of civility at city council meetings was too much to bear. Equally influencing my vote was the behavior of their shills and sychophants (in particular Mr. Hoffman).

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