You’re going to vote today, right? OF COURSE YOU AREN’T! New Yorkers are notorious for NOT voting. But let’s make today different. Today you are going to get off your butts and make your voices heard. I’m sure by now you know who is running and what their platforms are, so I am not going to bother writing about any of that crap. Do you like living here? What issues concern you the most? Think about WHAT KIND OF LONG BEACH YOU WANT and go!

(thanks Sue for the link!)

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12 thoughts on “VOTE!”

  1. Is it legal for a police officer to use government property (email) to electioneer?

    “From John Radin
    Sent Tuesday November 11, 2011 8:56 am

    Speaking from my perspective as a public safety officer, I would like to add that the current administration has supported the Police Department and enabled us to make the Long Beach Police Department one of the most progressive Departments in the State and kept Long Beach one of the safest communities in the County. While other Police Departments are being forced to reduce services and operate under constant scrutiny, this administration’s cooperation and trust has allowed us to operate with autonomy in the best interests of the City and the residents’ safety…

    I am confident that if the Coalition Party retains a majority on the City Council we will conntinue to provide the highest level of police service, which is an integral part to the quality of life we enjoy in Long Beach.

    Jack Radin”

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