Councilman Fagen: “It all starts now” (Election 2011)

The following is an open letter sent to SeabytheCity from Councilman Mike Fagen on the results of Election 2011:

Words will just not describe this. Actions will.

It is just an incredibly special day. This is the beginning of a new and better Long Beach.

All of us took this huge boulder and we finally pushed it up the hill together. Exhausting, frustrating, confusing, and then finally exhilarating!! Len Torres and myself had two excruciating years serving this City to the best of our abilities… in spite of the fact that we were doing it blindfolded and with both hands tied behind our backs. Now, with the assistance and support of Fran Adelson and Scott Mandel, the City is going to move forward in a way that has never been seen before.

Today is a day for thanks to all of you for every bit of effort that went into this victory. It is a day to celebrate the monumental win that this is. Tomorrow, we begin the difficult task of rebuilding the City on a multitude of levels. Financially, culturally, philosophically and most of all, transparently. We are going to restore the concept of common decency. Get used to being treated with decency and common courtesy. We are going to create a culture of professionalism that will never be dismantled. Intimidation, retaliation, misinformation none of this will be tolerated any longer. We are neighbors and we are citizens. In order for the City to move forward, we must move forward as one.

It all starts now.

Congratulations to Len, Fran, and Scott for such a monumental victory.

(I invite all other candidates – winners and losers to send in their take on the campaign and the future of Long Beach)

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