Davinici’s Pizzeria (Best LB Pizza in Island Park?)

Pizza Quest drove across the Long Beach Bridge (recently renamed the Michael Valente Bridge in honor of LB’s only Medal of Honor winner) to sample Davinici’s fine Italian food.  How was their slice?  Quite good.

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The Regular Slice

I’ve heard an awful lot of good things about Davinci’s and was very curious how their pizza stacked up against all the others.  It’s difficult to really break this slice down into elements – it’s simply very, very good.  Each part does its job properly – from the crust, to the cheese, to the sauce.  I will say again – and this is clearly turning into a theme – that the crust was a bit thicker than it needed to be, though their was a much better flavor here than in previous doughy examples.

The Wildcard (Ala Vodka)

Wow is all I can say.  I’ve ordered weird speciality slices from every pizza place I’ve ever been to (Long Beach and beyond) and I’ve never even seen a “ala Vodka” slice on the menu.  Basically, it was a thin grandma’s style crust, with fresh mozz and ala vodka sauce.  The sauce was perfect, the cheese delicious, and the crust thin and crisp.  Instead of the heavy mess of food that is a penne ala vodka slice – loaded with sauce and pasta, this was light and delicious.  This was without a doubt, the best “speciality” slice I’ve encountered during the quest, and look forward to ordering a pie of it alone!


Without a doubt, Davinci’s is in the top tier of Long Beach pizza.  I was half-concerned I would have to fend off a riot when I had to declare Davinici’s the best pizza in (near) Long Beach, but in the end, it does fall short of West End Pizza.

Long Beach Pizza Quest Standings

(Higher on the list is better)

West End Pizza

Davinici’s Pizzeria


Brucie’s Bel Aire

East End Pizza


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