Quiksilver Pro Coming Back to NY (But to LB?)

(Owen Wright Airing to Victory, Photo Credit: Shaun)

The Association of Surfing Professionals today posted the 2012 World Tour Schedule:

2012 ASP World Title Series:
Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – Australia (February 25 – March 7, 2012)
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – Australia (April 3 – 14, 2012)
Billabong Rio Pro – Brazil (May 9 – 20, 2012)
Volcom Pro Fiji – Fiji (June 3 – 16, 2012)
Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay – South Africa (July 11 – 22, 2012)
Billabong Pro Teahupoo – Tahiti (August 16 – 27, 2012)
Quiksilver Pro New York – USA (September 2 – 14, 2012)
Hurley Pro at Trestles – USA (September 15 – 23, 2012)
Quiksilver Pro France – France (September 26 – October 6, 2012)
Rip Curl Pro Portugal – Portugal (October 7 – 17, 2012)
O’Neill Coldwater Classic Santa Cruz – USA (November 3 – 12, 2012)
Billabong Pipe Masters – Hawaii (December 8 – 20, 2012)

Oh that’s right. QPNY is on the schedule, and locked in for the same window.  Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are coming to Long Beach.  They could of course go to the Rockaways (yeah, I doubt that) or just continue to use “Quiksilver Pro New York” as a place holder until the final decision is made.

With all the election shakeups and continued fallout from the huge success that was the QPNY2011, this would be quite an exciting development for Long Beach and East Coast surfing as a whole.  Will Quiksilver double down on Long Beach and pray for a repeat of Katia?  It sure looks like it.

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24 Replies to “Quiksilver Pro Coming Back to NY (But to LB?)”

  1. Way to get the scoop on this story. I feel they are coming back to LB. Jones Beach doesn’t have the LIRR and the Rockaways just wouldn’t be the same.. (no offense rockaway people).

  2. Hope our new City Council will get us the festival back when they come!

    (Enough time for any Negative Nellies out there to practice some Aloha, plan your vacation or stock up on two weeks supplies so you stay safely inside!)

  3. I guess that you don’t live anywhere near the block where they were building, making noise early in the AM, and tearing it down again for the entire summer.

  4. Tearing it down for the entire summer? It took them about a week to tear it all down. You can also blame Irene for the around the clock work they did for the week leading up to it.

    As for your earlier post about a “mess”… What mess? Other than traffic during the actual comp. I didn’t have any problems. 30,000 people on the beach and I never came across one shred of garbage on the beach, b-walk or street.

    In the beginning I was kind of against it, but after I saw how the City (sanitation and police, not the politics of the events and that sorta stuff) handled it and the respect that Quiksilver showed us locals.. bring it on!!

    The ends justified the means.

  5. LB has the market share, but MTK is a serious contender for waves. and while this is a business, the underlying thing that trumps it is surf. they will go to MTK if they want to. they go to much more remote places in the world, so saying MTK is too far is really not valid. Teahupoo is far. cant sell much t’shirts in tahiti, yet they go… dont sleep on MTK and the hipster scene out there, plenty of buzz in that town for a contest to thrive and plenty of hotels. and of course…big surf.

  6. I’m picking up on a trend here, michelle. no to quicksilver. no thanks on green drinks. allegria sucks, but LB needs to get more high quality restaurants and people need to start dressing up when they go out.

    are you sure you even like our fair city? ever consider moving?

  7. NO, it was an entire summer that was disturbed.
    They started in JUNE and ended in Mid September. Check it out.
    And if you don’t like the “trend” then it’s just too friggen bad.
    I have just as much right to say what I want to and what I believe in as you do.
    If you like to suck up beer and walk around in restaurants in your bare-feet or you love noise and construction outside your window all summer long then go for it. You asked “What mess”? If you lived on the nest block as you said you did and I doubt that, but if you did you wouldn’t be asking that question. Because that lot on Edwards wa a dirty mess for 4 months full of garbage, broken down fences, discarded lumber, 50 Porta-potties and the list goes on. And to me that’s a MESS! Maybe you like living next to that, but I don’t and I’ll say it, I don’t care if YOU like to hear it or not.
    And NO I don’t consider moving? So don’t tell me too move, I pay as much taxes here as you do and most likely more. And I’ll speak out when I feel the need for it. GET IT?

  8. I saw and heard everything, didn’t bother me one bit, it was actually awe-inspiring how quickly Quiksilver was able to get all of there equipment out of the way of Hurricane Irene in less than 48 hrs!!

  9. I can see both sides to this controversy. But in the end it’s the resident’s who count most. They pay taxes here and they make Long Beach their home, so why call them names and make them feel worse? It don’t make sense. If you are a surfing lover, then go to where the even is,, and don’t upset the entire town because of your likes. We have to think of everybody.
    I think that Montauk would be better. There was so much resentment here that it’s just not worth it.
    Besides I heard that Long Beach got screwed royally when it came to the financial aspects of the event.
    Montauk would be a Prime location for this.

  10. Good points in here – but financially the City did “fine” in the sense that everything that the City did for Quiksilver was reimbursed, and the City made (profited) at least 26k.

    There’s a broader argument though: should Long Beach “make” money off of this? Of course, all expenses the City runs up should be paid by Quiksilver, but should there be profit is the big question. And if so, how much? Should the City be given a check for a million dollars for just being conveniently located on a beach with LIRR access? Or is $26k enough?

  11. there is a scope of finance that is forthcoming that people may be not understand yet. I am referring to the popularity of LB now being “on the map”. while the city is not seeing immediate money, it is gaining recognition. and thats good! dont be surprised if more and more professionals (and i dont mean surfing, i mean career people) start to think of living in LB now that they know there is beach near manhattan. Millions of world resdients didnt know LB existed before this. now they do. no matter how much people want to keep LB a secret this could mean an influx of professionals seeking work in NY who want to make LB their home and thus the community benefits.

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