UPDATED: LB on the cover of Surfing Magazine (Quiksilver is good for You)

(I got this one from the UNSOUND facebook page.)

Say, what’s that in the background on the cover of the January 2012 issue of SURFING MAGAZINE? Looks like Long Beach to me. And to top it all off, Kelly Slater getting amazing air! How is that for exposure? Long Beach is getting some major street cred (beach cred?) with the outside surfing community.

I believe this issue is available @ newsstands right now. If it’s not, you can always order it from the Surfing Magazine Website as a digital edition.

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Shaun Update: I just heard back from Surfing Magainze and they confirm the photo is indeed real and not photoshopped as I had speculated below.

They explained: ” To solve your mystery, the only photoshopping done to cover was to put mindF behind Kelly. Stay tuned for the Jan issue trailer to give you better clarity.”

Another riddle solved, thanks Surfing.  Now to a book store (do any of those still exist?) to buy a copy and hang it up!


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  1. And one more follow-up. How could this picture be taken? The building appear behind the wave…. I’m trying to think of the angle you would need and if that would work…

    Wait…. I’m thinking this is photoshopped. The wave is clearly during the competition, and those buildings aren’t near the National surf break. Meaning they did a composite. They put the buildings behind the surf shot. The background should be the open ocean with the tankers/cargo haulers in the background.

  2. I was just thinking the same… awesome photo but definitely photoshopped! Are those LB buildings? I thought it might have been the top of our favorite hotel on the left but there’s no tall buildings that we would be able to see behind it!

  3. Ha yea – they remind me of the skyline by Long Beach Road/Monroe/Lincoln area

    Totally a sick shot, and layering it with that background is sorta neat, but out LB eyes figured it out!

  4. I spied at least one photographer sitting on the back of a jet ski during the competition. They managed to get some sweet shots of the surfers with LB in the background 🙂 But there are two pics on the Quikpro site that are taken from a similar spot in the water as the cover image. Go to the link below and navigate to page 7 of the photos. 3rd row, 4th from right and 4th row, 3rd from right show a white building in the background, which is the same bldg on the left side of the mag cover.


    I’m excited that they’re (maybe, possibly, hopefully!) coming back next year!

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