Quiksilver Pro Long Beach announcement coming soon? (Or is it still hype?)

Nothing, I repeat, nothing has been confirmed yet. This is still all speculation, but writing for a blog allows me to speculate.

I just exchanged a few emails with Charle over at Duke Falcons. He told me that a Newsday reporter called for some quotes on Quiksilver Pro coming back to Long Beach. This is for an article they’ll be running shortly.

So after talking it over with fellow SBC writer Shaun, we concluded that it still could be nothing, but speculation. Perhaps Newsday is playing catchup to the New York Post article that ran yesterday. I emailed Charlie this theory and this is what he wrote back:

I thought the same thing too. … So I specifically asked the reporter (who is the same one who I dealt with on all the other Quiksilver articles over the Summer) If she could 100% confirm that LB was a go. She assured me that she confirmed it with her QS contacts. Since she was assigned to the “QS beat” from the start, I trust that she’s in the know. 

So there you go. Again, this is all still pure speculation. We are waiting for Quiksilver themselves to confirm. Right now Quiksilver Pro New York is still listed on the schedule with no mention of where in New York.

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