West End Beautification paying dividends (it’s working!!)

Mary Ellen of West End Beautification sent me an update on her pursuit to get those ugly fire hydrants in the W. End repainted (read her articles: It’s the little things… & GOOD NEWS!). Mary tells me:

I wanted to share some West End Beautification good news. I received a phone call yesterday from Christopher Windel, the Supt. of Long Beach Water. He advised me that his department will begin painting the fire hydrants in the West End on Monday morning starting on Nevada Avenue and moving east up Beech Street then down West Park Ave.

Some of you must be thinking “Hey, it’s only fire hydrants, who cares.” Well the truth of the matter is that it makes a BIG difference. When you want to beautify a community, every little bit counts (again, read – It’s the little things…).

Definitely check out West End Beautification website where they are making a difference for the better.

Speaking of Fire Hydrants, check out this photo of the cool new hydrants that are popping up around town. The one below is in the W. End.  I think I saw another one of these in front of the LIRR. I love the nautical futuristic-look. It reminds me of something out of the cartoon Sealab 2021. The City of Long Beach website has the story behind these hydrants (Read – Hydrant Donated in Name of former Fire Chief).

 (Photo courtesy of W. End Beautification)

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3 thoughts on “West End Beautification paying dividends (it’s working!!)”

  1. Anyone know if this was the hydrant featured on Shark Tank? Supposed to take fireman seconds instead of minutes to hook up their hose and get water flowing if it is.

    As far as painting the hydrants… our Water Supervisor should focus on cleaning our crappy water instead!

  2. Rumor has it these hydrants cost almost twice as much as the standard hydrant. So far the two in place have been donated. Talking with fire personel they claim there is no time saved connecting to these hydrants and in fact they add time due to an extra cover on top that needs to be removed first. From what they say it has no benefit from a fire department stand point and in fact require extra tools bc the standard ones don’t work with this new one. So with no real benefit I hope the city doesnt plan on spending extra money that they claim not to have on an unnecessary change.

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