Allegria Owes City $300k (LB Bailout keeps getting worse)

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The document dump story first published in the Long Beach Herald – that the City is broke and must borrow money to make payroll – has yet another angle to it, and that’s everyone’s favorite Long Beach hotel, the Allegria.

City Manager Theofan obliquely confirmed that the Allegria owes the City more than $300,000 in back taxes, and sewer and water fees.

The Allegria, to their credit, commented to Newsday and said, “Any issues related to the Allegria are contingent upon our current reorganization plan that is before the court [and] it [paying the city] is part of our current reorganization plan.”

What does that mean?  Basically, that the City and the Allegria have already been in court for some time, confirming the City has long known that this money wasn’t coming in.  The Allegria is working it out through their lawyers, their lenders’ lawyers, and the City’s lawyers, how much and when they will pay back their debts.  You’ll remember that we talked about the land under the Allegria (owned by a separate corporation) filed for bankruptcy in the summer.

Again, like the supposed shortfalls caused by Irene, this falls into the category of things the City has known about for months, and it is impossible that this just “surprised” city officials, requiring last minute, emergency budget action.

Read Newsday’s full story here

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5 thoughts on “Allegria Owes City $300k (LB Bailout keeps getting worse)”

  1. If the company owning the land is filing for bankruptcy… what does that have to do with the company that owns the hotel?

    This place really does as it pleases… I think I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and change my name to i_love_the_allegria

  2. If the Hotel is a deadbeat to the City and placing LB behind the financial 8 ball, why do they continue to get all the special courtesies that they currently enjoy ? Seems LB will now need a quick/short term hard money loan if they are to meet their obligations in the short term.

  3. Theyre going to get whats coming to them. Don’t respect the citizens of Long Beach, their parking spots, their traffic laws, the citizens themselvesssss, you get ousted.

    From the beginning of construction to the present time, the operation was run all wrong, with ZERO care for the surrounding residents

    You rub enough people the wrong way…..AND don’t pay what you owe, the legal system says GET OUT!

    Oh yea, not to mention having people pay $120 to find out your being served cheap alcohol, chicken nuggets and pigs in a bun….Reallly??

    SOOOOO, If “Alegria” means “Happy” in French, then the hotel should have been named the “Merde” as in the “Shit” Hotel….

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