Long Beach’s “Surprise” Lack of Cash

(Some cash seized in the LBPD Raid, perhaps it can help with payroll)

The comments section is already a buzz about the fact that Long Beach is broke and has to now borrow money just to make payroll.  It strains credulity to think that some members of the City administration did not know about this and could be at all surprised by this interruption.  I’ll get into it more later, but this topic has created a lot more questions than answers, specifically about what money the City has and what money the City owes.

Thankfully, the memo includes a fairly detailed breakdown of just that.  You can analyze it yourself here.

Of course, this breakdown doesn’t include the real whopper (readers may note I suck at spelling that word, sorry), which is the $1.4 million sick/vacation payout required to three members of the LBPD (including the acting commissioner).

I pointed out – as did many others – that the idea you can accrue $500,000 worth of vacation and sick time is insane.  I’m happy to get just 10 vacation days (and a few sick days) a year, and if I don’t use them, I lose them.  As my employee handbook states, the whole point of vacation/sick days is to de-stress you (vacation day) and help you get better (sick day).  “Saving” these days, doesn’t help you or your employer, hence why in the private sector, they often don’t “carry over” to the next year, and if they do, they certainly aren’t allowed to add-up to these astronomical levels.

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3 thoughts on “Long Beach’s “Surprise” Lack of Cash”

  1. Shaun, I think if you don’t take vacation you are entitled to be paid for it… not for sick time though!

    The problem then is that people call in “sick” because they know they will lose it and now someone has to cover their shift… probably on overtime as well.

  2. No way.. I say you lose your sick days if you don’t use them. Vacation days not used can be carried for 6months into the next year. People bank days and don’t take them because they want to do what Sofield Sr. did, work the system to get a payout.
    The next contract should eliminate that perk and the new commissioner can’t be acting! This acting nonsense doesn’t help in anyway. You want the job then you take it!

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