Opinion: No Cement Boardwalk – Reason #103

I’m riding my bike on the boardwalk and enjoying this unusually warm weather. I got my music on, I’m lost in my own world and not really paying attention to anything (something that I am really good at). Right when Joey Ramone sings “baby, I love you” I feel tugs to both my ears as my iPhone falls out of my pocket and slams to the ground.

Nope, no cracked screen. I got lucky, but our wooden boardwalk definitely helped. This isn’t the first time this happened, but I’m almost positive that a cement walkway (it would ‘t be a boardwalk anymore) would of shattered it.

Some may think this is a stupid reason, but I see it as just another example why using cement is stupid. Just think of all the broken smart phones????

Are you listening Boardwalk Party? We voted you in. Don’t disappoint us and ruin our boardwalk!!!


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2 Replies to “Opinion: No Cement Boardwalk – Reason #103”

  1. cool, and im all for the beauty and niceness of wood. but maybe its old technology by now. not that cement is new. buts lets rethink. apparently you have to replace each piece of wood every 7 – 10 years compared to a cement boardwalk that would be good for min 70 years. the cement bdwlk could also double as a bulkhead sea wall. Typicaly when hurricanes hit us, they just wash under the boardwalk. if we had a cement bdwlk/seawall Irene would have just splashed up against it and not flooded broadway. I cant speak for bayside or west end. i too think cement is ugly. but it can look nice. with pavers. we are not talking just a white cement eye soar.

    example. long branch nj http://tinypic.com/r/feqjuo/5


  2. The understructure could be cement and instead of wood the decking could be made of one of the many new composite materials that are now available and look like wood.

    With a cement decking think of all the skinned knees and how unforgiving it is for runners and walkers. The boardwalk is such an important part of life in Long Beach and needs to be user friendly.

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