Awesome Quiksilver Pro Video

Awesome Quiksilver Pro Video

A Long Beach resident named Clark put together this great Quiksilver Pro video that he wanted to share with us. Check it out at this link.


UPDATE: I originally embedded this video with youtube, but they pulled it due to music copyright issues. I tried to embed it with my server, but the playback was very choppy. Sorry folks, but try this link where the video is embedded originally:


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3 thoughts on “Awesome Quiksilver Pro Video

  1. I really want to check this out but cant. The embedded video is FUBAR and the link opens up my media player and I only get audio.

    Anything you can do here? You wetted my apetite and the took away my dinner =).

  2. This is what I got:
    This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    Sorry about that.

    I’m sorry too I didn’t get to see it!

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