FULL PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO. Fagen: “We are looking for injunctive relief as we speak.”

I was able to sneak out of work for a few minutes and catch today’s Press Conference over at the Supreme Court Building in Mineola, NY. City Council Members Michael Fagen, Len Torres along with soon-to-be members Fran Adelson and Scott Mandel were all present.

Fagen said they’re looking for injunctive relief as their attorneys were currently inside during the conference. Fagen urges us all to make tonight’s emergency 5pm City Council meeting. Len Torres, who also spoke, brought up the issue of nepotism and said “there might be an issue with a person that’s a family member voting for another family member walking away with a certain amount of money.” Fagen added “This family [Sofields] is trying to take close to a million dollars in one lump sum away from the city at a time when they mismanaged the city into close to a four and a half million dollar deficit. Outrageous.”

View the whole video below or at this link.

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*I apologize for the video & audio quality. I just found out about this Press Conference after I left for work and all I had was my iPhone. 

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  1. That’s crazy. I was there for this too. I took a few photo’s with my iPhone too. I was going to post them and saw that you were there and videotaped the whole thing. Small world. Awesome! The court might publish the decision denying the order to show cause for an injunction. I will check the NYS official reports website for the decision and upload it if i see it.

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