$4.5M loan plan approved by City Council 3-2 (& a note about this blog)

Yesterday’s Emergency City Council Meeting resolutions just needed a simple majority and not super majority vote. Not surprisingly, it got just that (3 LB coalitions to 2 Democrats)- as the LB Herald writes:

The City Council passed two resolutions during a contentious emergency meeting on Wednesday night that will allow the city to borrow $4.5 million in the face of a cash-flow problem that would have prevented the city from meeting its Dec. 23 payroll obligations and making payments to a number of retirees.

To bring you all up to speed, please read our SBC related articles listed on the bottom of this post. The LB Herald has the full Emergency Meeting story, so read it there: Long Beach City Council OK’s $4.5 million loan to pay workers

Just a quick note to those who think SBC is a “one-sided” blog: Our main goal is to make Long Beach the best place in the world. By attempting to do just that, we blog our opinions on all sorts of topics. Just because we have a difference of opinion with some readers on certain topics doesn’t mean we’re “one-sided.” We are not affiliated in anyway with any political party and don’t solicite local business for $ to run this blog, so please keep that in mind. We are 100% independent. Like any Facebook Group, if you don’t like what we write then don’t visit (or like us). Or maybe you should just start your own Long Beach blog with your own opinions. I’ll even post your link if you want.

Now, going back to the main story: From the mentioned LB Herald article: In her memo, Clarson also said that unbudgeted termination payments — which include employees’ accrued vacation time and unused sick days — for three outgoing employees of the Police Department, would cost the city $1.4 million.

In other words: Hurricane Irene has nothing to do with unbudgeted items. We all agree that city workers need to get paid, but potential retirement payoffs should of been in the budget in the first place. I know how to balance my checkbook and budget future contractual expenses. That is how I see it.

Read – LB Herald Long Beach City Council OK’s $4.5 million loan to pay workers

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9 thoughts on “$4.5M loan plan approved by City Council 3-2 (& a note about this blog)”

  1. I totally agree with your comment. “if you don’t like what we write then don’t visit”. Americans are lucky to have many information sources. We can pick and choose which we want to read. Other countries do not have choices and the government controls their information.

  2. Who needs another blog when we have you. Long Beach needs you. We need you to help expose the relationship between special interest groups and elected officials who are making Long Beach too expensive for its residents. By encouraging people to get involved you are making a difference. Thanks.

  3. If the money, by way of tax revenues, is expected in January, why are we borrowing money to pay for it? Whether the retirees were budgeted is a different issue altogether. They cannot wait until January to be paid? The payroll I get. Gotta keep the lights on, garbage picked up, etc. How is a present or projected retiree payment in the same sense an “emergency” need? Does anyone think the City doesn’t owe $$ to others who would like to be paid this year, rather than in January?

    The Council majority jumped the shark on this one. Putting aside Council President’s conflict of interest, which any basic governance text would clearly explain called for a voluntary recusal from the vote.

    We are your neighbors. Our children play sports together. We attend worship services at the same places. We shop at Waldbaums and eat at Gino’s.

    This is how we should treat our neighbors?

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  5. Although I have not verified it, an undisclosed source indicated via a classified notice that Mr. Theofan’s separation package consists of a bag of peanuts, a slinky and mittens to protect him from scratching the skin off of his face.

  6. Thank you for the clarification. From your response I now see that Charles Theofan is indeed a flesh eating lizard. Your story and supposition makes it clear. We can only hope and pray that this mutant has not and will not procreate in the waterways of Long Beach and that he will maintain his spawn in Freeport.

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