Anxiously waiting for the December issue of LB CityBeat.

The 2011 October issue of the taxpayer-funded LB Citybeat came with no surprise. After all, its been since July when we got the Summer 2011 edition. This Fall 2011 edition was just about due, only it wasn’t called FALL 2011 – instead it was labeled October 2011. There were things about that issue that seemed off; maybe because election time was coming. I questioned the content while fellow-blogger Shaun questioned the Math. Life moved on.

November came along with another issue – November 2011 (again, not FALL 2011). We questioned the content of that issue as well, and the fact that we just got a LB CityBeat the month prior. It surely couldn’t be some political stunt to favor those few up for election, could it? Noooooo. It could only mean one thing: The taxpayer-funded LB CityBeat will no longer be seasonal, but be monthly. YIPPIE!! I love local news!

It is now December and I’m anxiously waiting for the next issue of our taxpayer-funded LB Citybeat. I bet it’s going to be called December 2011 (fingers crossed!!!!!). I cannot wait to see what news it brings. Most of these LB CityBeats have six main topics, so I’m going to gaze into my crystal ball and take a crack at what the December 2011 issue will say:

  1. North Park Flooding Fix – CityBeat usually talks about infrastructure projects & improvements. This project was a biggie, so I can see it in there.
  2. Work continues on the parking malls on E. Park Ave between Long Beach Blvd & Monroe Blvd. Again, more infrastructure talk.
  3. New Fire Hydrants. Again, improved Infrastructure and one of the hydrants was dedicated to a former Fire Chief. Good stuff. Good story.
  4. They usually do a charity or ‘good deed’ article, so maybe something on the Soup Kitchen Thanksgiving Feast. These good deeds keep our city rolling and should be recognized.
  5. Election Results – DUH!! Well obviously!! This is big news around here. The balance of power will be shifting along with a new City Manager and City Council President. It would be a no-brainier to include this in the December 2011 taxpayer-funded LB Citybeat.
  6. Long Beach is broke and needs to take out a 4.5 million dollar loan. Ahh top story, as far as I’m concerned. Of course they’re going to have to write about this because it effects all of us here! But how will they spin it since our City Council members disagree on why we need to borrow this money in the first place. Will the LB CityBeat-folks blame it on Hurricane Irene or will they tell us how our elected officials don’t know how to balance or forecast a budget? Either way, this top story will make all that “Moody’s Bond Rating” gloating seem kinda silly.

The month is young, so there is plenty of time for the December 2011 issue to come. Perhaps Santa will bring it? (A Christmas miracle!!) Or will the LB CityBeat go back to its seasonal schedule. After all, the election is already over, so what’s the point?

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