Anybody looking to be our next City Manager? (Long Beach Needs A Mayor!)

The job listing for City Manager. Wouldn’t it be easier if we just elected a mayor? That way we, the people, can hire our next leader and deal with the consequences the way democracy originally intended. (see – Long Beach Needs A Mayor!)

Link: JOB: City Manager, City of Long Beach

This job listing doesn’t say anything about it being required that you have to live in Long Beach. It also doesn’t say anything about needing any experience. Maybe I’ll apply!

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7 thoughts on “Anybody looking to be our next City Manager? (Long Beach Needs A Mayor!)”

  1. I think that ROSlyn is code for ROSwell which where they extracted the alien later known as Charles Theofan. Be careful, it could be one of his spawn that will come to LB next.

  2. I don’t know how to make a new topic, but has anyone heard about an LB City employee getting fired for some internet comments ?

    I understand there may have been a wave of recent deletions, banning, muzzling, threats, intimidation, etc.

    Anyone ?

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