Avenue Cafe Deal (Groupon Alert)

Groupon has a great deal for the Avenue Cafe on Park Ave today.

– For only $7, you get $15 worth of breakfast or lunch fare

– For $15, you get $35 worth of dinner fare

I’ve not been there yet (it always just seemed like a diner to me), but at such a steep discount, I will most certainly be stopping in for a visit.  Anthony checked it out a few times already and you can read about it here.

You can check out the deal here which will be up for two days.

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2 thoughts on “Avenue Cafe Deal (Groupon Alert)”

  1. I went there again a few weeks ago, first time in a year maybe..

    The menu has too much stuff. I do like diners, but I wish we had more “Cafe” type places around here.. just keep the menu short and good. That being said, I think this place is fine. A lot of folks seem to have some weird issue with it, but I just see it as a diner and not anything else.. in other words: don’t expect the most amazing meal you ever had.

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