UPDATED: A Giant Windmill is Coming to Lido (like, really soon)

UPDATED (December 7th): The Town of Hempstead got a grant from the Department of Energy to build this Windmill. I’m now hearing that it will be used to power the Hydrogen Station that is on the Department of Conservation and Waterways property. And yes, the windmill is going up right now! I took this blurry snapshop from my car on the way to work this morning.



Environmentalists rejoice! 

Those of you who drive the Loop everyday might of noticed the new bulkhead project that’s been going on at the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways. Sources are telling me that this work is being done to support the newest addition to the Lido Beach skyline – A Giant Windmill! How big will this windmill be? Well, I am hearing that it’s going to be HUUUUUGE!! Almost as big as the Lido Water tower (Lollipop, as I like to call it). I have no other info. Developing… 


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15 thoughts on “UPDATED: A Giant Windmill is Coming to Lido (like, really soon)”

  1. No public hearing to see if the local residents were in favor of this. Where was Denise Ford when this was being conceived behind closed doors ? Whats next, more windmills in the ocean off Long Beach ?

  2. Tideline, I could be wrong, but I’m not sure if any public hearings were necessary since it’s on town property with a Gov grant – and the fact that it’s not near any residential so no variances. I could be totally wrong, so don’t hold me to that.

    Maybe somebody else here can post the answer.

  3. That occured to me as well. But, what is required by law, or by zoning and what is the right thing to do, are not always the same thing.

    Who is the Zoning Board for that area ?

  4. Yes, it is being funded with grant money.
    No, Long Beach residence don’t have a say because this is in the Town of Hempstead’s jurisdiction.
    Yes, it is a good thing.

  5. Sounds like no one had a say. The first anyone heard of this was the article here and driving by the thing as it was going up. Kate has much respect for the taxpayers/residents. LOL.

  6. Hey guys-
    I think the point is not whether the wind turbine is beautiful/an eyesore/good energy or bad, but rather that we as residents and as american citizens(last I checked) have a right to know what is going to be placed in our community and have a right to register our opinions on whether we want it or not. here’s to freedom!!!

  7. LB, looks like you and I are the only ones here who feel we should be informed and be a part of the process. Afterall, the Federal Grant money, was our tax dollars.

    Is it true that over $600,000 was spent to power two TOH vehicles? LOL.

  8. Maybe they now can fix up the boarded up water building nex’t to Lido Town park?
    This eyesore has defaced Lido for years/

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