The West End ‘Beautification’ Winners

The West End Beautification Association (WEBA) and the West End Neighbor’s Civic Association (WENCA) recently ran a ‘points based’ award program involving seventy nine West End businesses and their impact on beautification. The awards are as follows:

“GOOD NEIGHBORS AWARD” winners were selected based on how many points they accumulate – with such tasks as clean sidewalks, clean windows, clean cubs – etc. Basically, just be clean. (A total of 57 businesses this year)

“GOOD NEIGHBOR ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD” winners took it one step further with window displays and planters outside their businesses. (A total of 7 businesses this year)

Losers get nothing, but a bag of coal (j/k). (A total of 15 businesses this year)

You can read about the rules and such in the press release as well as the list of winners. To make things easier, I converted that list into an image, which is posted below. The list of losers will not be published, as they’re all hiding their heads in shame (I KEED I KEED). I don’t mean to put down the losers, but let’s hope more businesses appear on the winners list next year. Out of 79 Participants,  64 were awarded  (7 Above & Beyond, 57 Good Neighbor). That means 81% of participants were winners. Not bad, but let’s try to get that percentage up next year!!

Congratulations to every business listed below.

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2 thoughts on “The West End ‘Beautification’ Winners”

  1. SHINES!!! AMAZING! Good for them, a true West End institution showing how its done!!

    GREAT WORK TO ALL THE BUSINESSES THO!!! I LOVE this idea, KUDOS TO WEBA. I keep reading about all the work the ladies of West End Beautification have been doing, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving our city by the sea the care it deserves!! (Not to mention, it is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR to see an organization that still serves our community and not themselves…cough..wenca..cough.)

    I hope this program continues!!!

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