9 thoughts on “The Giant Windmill (It Now Has Blades!)”

  1. Hardly what I would call a “giant” windmill. That’s actually about as small of a utility scale windmill as they make. For the life of me, I’m not sure why Hempstead keeps dumping its renewable energy project down it Lido, but I like it. Made me smile as I drove past this morning and was actually hoping to see it lit up on my ride home (not yet).

  2. Doesn’t that TOH office building also have solar panels on their roof? Just how much electricity does one small building need?

    If the solar panels did not come close to meeting the electrical consumption requirements for that building, then why spend the money to install them? The installed was a friend on someone’s ?

  3. “Giant” for Long Island standards. When I first heard about this early summer, I thought it was going to be like this: LINK – like what the TOH installed at Levy Park and at the waters and conservation already.

  4. Its on par with about a dozen other 100kw wind turbines that are already up and running further out east, where dozens more are planned. Like I said, I dig it. LB is a going to be history if more projects like this don’t start happening. I’d rather see more wind turbines than traditional fossil fuel burning plants. The Barrett plant up LB road is certainly a sight to behold.

  5. I think it is a great first step! Perhaps some of the people who are so vocal in opposing the windmills will see they can be a positive part of our enviroment. I’ve seen some of the large windfarms in California and I think they are awesome. We here in the east need to get over ourselves and become proactive if we want to leave this beautiful island to our future generations.

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