Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards

There’s been a lot of talk lately on beautifying the West End of Long Beach: a points award system, new hydrants, widening curbs, etc. The West End seems to have some great people there who really care about it’s beautification, but what about the rest of Long Beach? For the next few weeks (or months) I’m going to blog some random ideas that I’ve been thinking of that I feel will benefit our community as a whole (north, south, east, west, central). These ideas aren’t terribly original- some were probably discussed already, put on the back burner, or just shot down. If that’s the case, then I’m going to talk about WHY they should be revisited.

In this post I’m going to explore the idea of installing Community Bulletin Boards throughout Long Beach: something that I feel would not only beautify our city by the sea, but also help promote the cultural aspects of it as well.

We have so many events & activities going on in Long Beach all the time; not just during our peak summer months, but year round. For example: this week there are a number of holiday events, charities, and holiday lightings. Who knows when and where they are! We really don’t have a main “posting” board for all these events. Sure, there are a countless number of Facebook groups, each hoping to become THE PLACE where LB residents convene, but it’s so decentralized. Even on this blog, we have an events calendar, but I think the residents would be best served knowing what’s going on if we physically post these events throughout town. Afterall, there are a number of residents that don’t know about this blog or those Facebook groups. I’m sure there are a number of residents that don’t even bother with the internet at all!

Which brings me to the idea of Community Bulletin Boards. Garden City has a good example of what I’m talking about (see right photo). Of course, we would lose the pineapple and maybe paint it nautical blue, but you get the idea. We can scatter these all across Long Beach:

  • @ the LIRR station
  • @ Kennedy Plaza, in front of City Hall
  • Three on the boardwalk (east, west, superblock/allegria area)
  • West End (if you can find the space for one!)
  • South on Park Ave, near Gino’s/5 Guys
  • East End near the Associated market

Of course there would have to be some rules. How do you control what gets posted and for how long?

  • Every event posted has to be something that everybody is invited to. For example: Bernadette over at the Farmer’s Market can remind us that the Market will reopen @ City Hall December 14th. Our Public Library can use the board for the various events they hold. Or we can be reminded of the 3rd Annual Holiday For Heros via flyer that would be posted on the board.
  • No Garage/yard/lawn sales. (sorry folks, it might get out of hand.)
  • No Private Party invites.
  • No ‘Soapbox’ Rants. (sorry politicians, it might get out of hand.) (and no VOTE FOR signs)
  • Can only be posted 2 weeks at the earliest prior to the event.
  • Every Monday the boards are “cleaned out.” If your event expires, it gets pulled that Monday after.
  • New events get refilled on Monday – drop off your flyer at City Hall by a certain time.
  • No individual restaurant/retail sales, but if it’s a city-wide special event like the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Restaurant Week, that’s ok.

Or let’s just see what Garden City does! I’m sure there are situations & rules that I’m not even thinking about. Again, I am just giving a few examples here. I think the cost of these boards would be minimal. You really only need one person to maintain them. They fill and clean them the same day. It’s not rocket science.

Long Beach has so much to offer culturally (Arts & Crafts, Farmer’s Markets, Polar Bear, Fireworks, Parades, Waterfront Warriors, Jazz Fest, Restaurant Weeks, Holiday Lightings, Community Meetings) – Holy Crap, this list can go on forever! People work really hard putting these events together and the best way to repay them is to help promote them. Community Bulletin Boards would do just that. They look nice too!

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  1. Anthony, You are a mind-reader! I just submitted a recommendation to George Trepp, director of the library to put a Community Bulletin Board on the front wall of the West End branch, right under the Long Beach Library sign. According to Great Neighborhood, published through Projects for Public Places (”a community message board out front …transforms a library into a community center” I suggested that he reach out to his donors and friends of the library to donate the roughly $800 for the cost and we would create a memorial plaque to recognize the donor. Perhaps this can be done for other community bulletin boards around town.

  2. Thanks Mary Ellen! I really do think these Bulletin Boards would be a great asset to the community. Please keep me updated on the one for the West End branch. Maybe I can try to work on getting one for the Park Ave branch.

    I should read that book that you mentioned.. maybe it will give me more ideas to write about! haha.

  3. How about a Welcome to LB kiosk with info for visitors? At Kennedy Plaza, maybe? The kiosk would have a map and highlights of LB with travel directions. I think y’all have seen the kind of visitors kiosk thing in other places.

  4. Pressed: That is a wonderful idea! especially if (when, I hope) the Surf competition returns next September. These are the types of things that bring a cohesiveness to the community, enhances our commitment to the businesses and demonstrates a sense of pride. Given our current city financial crisis I would love to see these kiosks and community bulletin boards donated by local organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, etc. with a donor plaque. This also demonstrates the strength and commitment of Long Beach’s citizens.

  5. They used to have a LED display in front of the Plaza that scrolled events. It disappeared. Why, who knows, but it highlighted events.
    Maybe it’s in storage?

  6. LED zipper sign was a little 1985, not the best way to get info out! The bulletin board idea sounds promising. There is no reason why long beach cannot be like some of these other beautiful towns on long island. If you build it they will come!!

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