Overdrawn Salaries? Seasonal Help bleeding us dry? Long Beach in the Red.

Rather than making any assumptions, pointing fingers, getting quotes from those involved and creating a giant circle jerk of accusations – I’m going to make the following documents speak for themselves: (ClarsonDec9-1, Clarsondec9-2 – or see images below) My personal take on this? My 12 year old nephew can do a better job balancing the budget. OH NO HE DIDN’T!

Yep, let the following documents speak for themselves and you can all draw your own conclusions. I’m tired and I get no money to run this blog, so I’m too cranky to further investigate.

4 Replies to “Overdrawn Salaries? Seasonal Help bleeding us dry? Long Beach in the Red.”

  1. This is obscene! I have two questions that come to mind immediately:

    1. Is there any way the current administration can be held accountable?

    2. What is the personal relationship between the Deputy City Manager
    and the DPW Commissioner?

    And a third one:

    What can we do to prevent this incompetence (if it is that benign) in the future?

  2. I have been working at the camps for some time now. I cannot even tell you how many extra counselors were hired for the past summer. There was about a 2:1 ratio from counselor to camper. I found out that “people above us” decided to hire all that applied because election season (this past November) was coming up. hmmm MAKES YA WONDER!

  3. I was about 1 out of 10 counselors in a group for very few kids. Then our bosses would get mad if we werent doing something but the reality is they hired way too many people. And some of my co-counselors straight up just sucked but were hired anyway.

  4. In response to your question of accountability, Sec. 102-a(2) of The Long Beach City Charter deems these actions illegal and additionally holds those authorizing them personally responsible. Below is a link to that section of The Charter. The full Charter and Code of Ordinances can be found on The City of Long Beach official website longbeachny.org under City Government and then Code of Ordinances.


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