Dunkin’ Donuts in the West End (where are we now?)

I just wanted to update you all on the proposed-Dunkin’ Donuts (1070 West Beech Street) situation. Stuff I hear through the grapevine…. 

  1. No lease or agreement has been signed, but talks are still happening.
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts appears to be the only potential tenant interested in that location. Which means:
  3. No banks are currently interested in that location. (See #2).
  4. No variances are needed for this proposed use. Curbs are already cut for a drive-thru.
  5. The property (1070 West Beech Street) is zoned for commercial use. (retail, restaurants)
  6. Despite what some folks think, there are no laws preventing franchises from opening in the West End.
  7. Real Estate agents cannot discriminate against a potential tenant if their use applies. (see # 5, then see #4)

What will be the impact to the West End if this Dunkin’ Donuts opens?

To make this part easier, I am just going to list some local concerns and how this franchise would apparently deal with them.

  • WE WANT ONLY LOCAL OPERATORS: The potential owner lives in the area.
  • JOBS: This franchise will create 30 much needed local jobs. They will hire locally.
  • THE LOOK OF THE STORE:  They would build a quaint looking “town feel” building with a similar facade to the one on 7th Street in Garden City, NY:  (Photo Credit: GardenCityPatch
  • THE IMPACT ON OTHER LOCAL BUSINESSES: There are already multiple business competing with each other (bars, pizza, burgers, etc). The potential Dunkin’ Donuts operator already owns two locations nearby and apparently purchases bagels from Beach Bagel & Deli (1090 West Beech Street) already for their DD stores and will do so in this case as well.
  • THE ‘TYPES OF PEOPLE’ Dunkin’ Donuts WOULD ATTRACT: This one kinda makes me laugh… no offense to those who have this concern, but a) what ‘types of people’ are you worried about? and b) I would be more concerned with the ‘types of people’ some of those bars in the West End are attracting. The last time I checked, Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t attract a bunch of drunk loudmouths who puke and urinate all over the streets and private property.

To sum it up:

Nothing can stop this franchise from opening at that location (1070 W. Beech St). Did you read that? Nothing. Of course, there could be some ramifications if they do: Some folks in the West End are apparently boycotting Jake’s Wayback Burger and would most likely do the same in this case as well. (Do they also boycott C-Town?)

My own personal opinion on what’s going on:

This is when I talk about bullying in our schools communities.

Oh wait…. Sorry. Wrong topic (I think). I was talking about Dunkin’ Donuts coming to the West End.

Ok, so I’m not the biggest fan of franchises at all. In fact, I hate Dunkin’ Donuts: their coffee makes me sick and as a health conscious-person, I avoid donuts like the plague. Do I want them in the West End? Probably not, because it doesn’t benefit my stomach at all. Even though I feel that way, I do support the fact that we cannot prevent them from opening at that location (1070 W. Beech St) if the law allows them to (and yes, the law allows them to).



14 Replies to “Dunkin’ Donuts in the West End (where are we now?)”

  1. This is the way I see it as a long time home owner here in the West End…We need a change! The West End hasn’t been able to hold many “mom and pop” businesses for a very long period of time. I really don’t see the negatives as to what a franchise will do to the West End other than create commerce, employ locals as well as keep our taxes down. A franchise is less likely to close shop in our little town b/c of the larger company at hand. I personally would rather see more store fronts occupied than vacant. Lets say a few big companies open stores in our town, Jcrew, starbucks, whole foods the list can go on…now we have a thriving business community where people would spend their time at the beach as well as walking up and down beech st. visiting the shops….all in all bringing more money to our city by the sea…just imagine Huntington’s main st…bring that to long beach and maybe just maybe everyone would start feeling bad about leaving their dogs fecal matter behind!!!

  2. Maybe Dunkin Donuts wouldn’t be so bad in the West End if they weren’t allowed to have a drive through window. Visions of cars backed up into the street…just a thought.

  3. Weird to see semi-positive comments here when around election time, people were up in arms about dunkin opening up and it was blamed on the current administration. It confused me at the time why everyone was up in arms toward the people running for re-election but now that the elections over, I guess Mr. Fagan is done saying it was Sofield’s fault? The whole thing sounded ridiculous. No one can stop it, not even the community officials. I doubt it will be as bad as everyone is saying.

  4. There was a big show of “NO!” when McDonald’s wish to open an express where Whales Tale now resides.
    It is my understanding, and I could be wrong, that by allowing Wayback Burgers in (a franchise) the City can no longer say no to any franchise.
    So bring the DD.
    If I lived on Conn. and it was a drive thru I would not be happy, but if my neighbors there are for it who am I to say?
    We can only hope DD is a good business and keeps the area clean. If I see DD cups floating by in the surf during the Summer I’ll just blame the “Visitors” and the lack of respect they seemingly have those that live in the West End.

  5. I hate to say it but the entire town needs to clean up for there to be any respect given back. I too don’t want to see any DD cups in the streets or in the ocean(def not). But the people who live here don’t even care about the cleanliness of their own properties or the street for that matter. Ever wonder why some towns are so clean…b/c you don’t want to be that person that throws garbage on the ground. I am not against DD but a starbucks would be much nicer. Everyone should just take a little pride in where they live and dispose of waste properly

  6. thanks for the info. I think NYers are smart and know that bagel store bagles are MUCH better than Dunkin Donut bagels. If they do open, hopefully it wont hurt your business.


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