8 thoughts on “It’s Working! (Point Lookout Wind Turbine)”

  1. Interesting to me that town of hempstead went out of their way to let indian tribes and jones beach know this tower was going up, but didnt bring the residents of Point Lookout fully into the loop until after it was built.
    huge eyesore with little benefit to the residents that get to stare at it when watching the sunset.

    PS, where will they launch fireworks from now in July? Not 5 feet away from that things spinning blades…

  2. totally agree with you about the process. if TOH really wants to be a ‘leader’ in renewable energy, why are they stashing all their projects down in Lido. How much sense does it make for their hydrogen fueling station to be located in the most isolated, remote and far away section of town?

    that said, i think it’s friggin beautiful. much better than the water tower, barret power station up LB road or just about any other piece of major infrastructure that supports our way of life. like concerned citizen said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. i envision a world of these. it just makes more sense. sunset shmunset. if my future house is powered by wind and not emitting horrible gases and eating fossil fuels…i would gladly get past the view aspect.

  4. You are just silly to think its an eyesore. It is beautiful and clean energy. Why would you not like that. Plus the property that its on has like 100 solar panels and hydrogen fueling stations. Go TOH for being green!

  5. Also who cares about how they got it built without public knowledge, because people like joe are the ones that never allow projects like this to get done

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