“Please no more nail salons or real estate offices!” Then what do we want?

In a past article we asked What kind of Long Beach do you want? That topic was more on the issue of development (superblock/hotels) & crowds (events). This time around it’s about retail, restaurants & entertainment.

Why do I bring this up? Well, in the recent Dunkin’ Donuts article a couple of you wrote how you don’t want to see any more nail salons or real estate offices in town. Those comments reminded me of this idea I had of tallying all the businesses in Long Beach, separating them by zone (West/Central/East) and seeing what we have too much of and what’s missing. I still might do that, but for now I’ll just take the lazy route and ask want you think Long Beach is missing. First I’m going to list what I think is over saturated:

  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Pizza

You are free to post your own ‘over saturated’ list, but the real question is: what are we missing? Like the development post, copy and paste the categories below and tell us what you want to see in Long Beach.

(Some sub-categories that might help you out: restaurants, gyms, franchises, services, banks, theaters, galleries, clubs, museums, offices)


FOOD (eat or market)–




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44 thoughts on ““Please no more nail salons or real estate offices!” Then what do we want?”

  1. FOOD (eat or market)- a casual cafe/place for brunch. Similar to JoJo Apples in Point Lookout. Not a diner with a giant menu, but a place that has amazing pancakes. I would love a Whole Foods instead of Waldbaums. Even though we do most of our shopping at the Farmer’s Market, there are still some items you need at a supermarket.

    ENTERTAINMENT- I would LOVE a Cinema Arts center like in Huntington. I’d also love something like the new Paramount but I know it’s not gonna happen.

    RETAIL – an Apple store? HA

    MISC BUSINESS – I want an aquarium.

  2. First of all, all of the 9,000 nail salons we have here are awful so I vote for a good nail salon. I haven’t tried the “spas” since they’re way too expensive. The last time I went for a pedicure you would have thought she was trying to break a world record for speed. That being said:

    FOOD (eat or market)– Anything besides Waldbaums. That place is a pit. And a Quiznos.

    ENTERTAINMENT – Indoor sports place (rock climbing, track, etc). Rec center needs lots of improvement.

    RETAIL – Drawing a blank on this one.

    MISC BUSINESS – Craft store where we can all gather and do our thing and get great materials for reasonable prices.

  3. If we are considering a dunkin donuts then why not a starbucks instead. They do an excellent job with their facade and interior bringing a warmer feel than dunkin donuts. Two major clothing companies should be considered/Gap/Jcrew/EMS/REI. I agree that Waldbaums is horrible! A whole food would be fantastic! An apple store isn’t a bad idea. A better city planner! Nothing looks like it belongs…

  4. nail salons exist only if the people patronize them. and they do, so I say let them be.
    As for supermarkets I agree waldbaums is the pits, only because they allow the local bums to make it a hangout.
    What we need here as far as restaurants is a GOOD Steak House and a good fish (sea-food) restaurant.

  5. you can’t spit without hitting a CVS, rite aid, or walgreens – enough big corporate pharmacies. A few boutiques have opened on Park ave in the East End – oh la la comes to mind, and they have nice stuff with reasonable prices and are pleasant places to shop. But what we need is . . . . .

    DELI’s – we have enough bagel places and diners, but could use a good Deli. The two on Park Ave. by Laurelton are sorry excuses for Deli’s with ridiculously slow bad service. A high end Deli which catered to the many single people in town would know me by name

  6. I was hoping that the Baby Gap in Oceanside was being turned into a Panera Bread- but no- it’s going to be a Joe’s Crab Shack

    I’d love a Panera and an artsy movie theater!

  7. Actually we have 2 Starbucks and they’ve removed most of the seating from the one on National so it’s not very welcoming anymore. The other is inside Waldbaums.

  8. A Performing Arts Center, a marina with good seafood restaurants and an aquarium; A large city square in place of the Waldbaums’s shopping center with beautiful sculpture, a water element, lawns, benches, a large dog run and maybe a gazebo; a clean, attractive bakery where the smell of freshly baked muffins and croissants envelopes you as you walk through the door.

    Anthony and Tracy hit it right: it’s not quantity, it’s quality. There’s a simple formula for success: create a pretty and clean, welcoming store. Pay attention to the details: lighting, seating, window displays, presentation. Hire good employees and train them properly. Price fairly. Be passionate about what you are selling, and not about what you are earning. Success will follow. I can cite good examples: Chat Noir in Rockville Center, Panini’s in West End, Sorrento’s on Park Ave., Oo LaLa, Danielle’s and Rose & Eye, the Station for Hair, all successful, well run businesses with the formula for success.

  9. I agree with Waldbaums. I blogged about it a bunch of times how that center needs to be redesigned. I love the idea with the sculptures and fountains. I have this grand plan to buy Burger king, knock it down and put some cafe-style restaurants with a square and outdoor seating.

  10. FOOD (eat or market)– QUALITY seafood restaurant and also Quality seafood market that sells local fish.

    Also, how about a general market that deals in local foods.

    Indian cuisine!

    Absolutely no more chain restaurants (panera, starbucks etc). The less there are of those, the more local business can thrive.

    ENTERTAINMENT- Small to mid size live music venue. A place where local music can flourish and be noticed.

    A bar or bar restaurant that is a little less frat like and a little more, for lack of a better word, groovy. Like a lounge kind of thing.

    Maybe combine the two.

    RETAIL – Anything, just no chains stores! Local, local, local. Oh, and less cell phone stores.

    MISC BUSINESS – Creating a town with more identity and less really terrible architecture in the Park Ave and Beech St business areas. (pipe dream)

    Creating a small natural park area and dog run in the area betw. Lafayette and Laurelton that is now being used as a dumping ground for the town.

    That’ll do for now

  11. I would love to have a well run, reasonably priced supermarket sort of a Trader Joes on a larger, more consistent scale that would work in conjunction with the Farmers Market. I would not like to see anything that would take business from them, they have worked too hard building a solid customer base.

    A real old fashioned bakery that would draw you in with wonderful aromas then satisfy you with amazing flavors.

    A real old fashioned, clean, German or Italian style deli with homemade salads and roasts and specialty items for treats.

    If they could all be in the same location i.e. the Waldbaums shopping center it would be wonderful for those who rely on the bus (many of our seniors and students.) With the banks and Post Office right there it could really become a “City Center” if the panhandlers and idlers were kept at bay and the bottle and can recycle machines perhaps moved to the side of the building.

    While I’m redesigning the town, I would like to see some benches on the grass at Kennedy Plaza. The only seating there now is around the monument and not very inviting. Perhaps some cement game tables similar to what they have in the harbor park in Northport.

    This is a great place, but it could use a serious injection of charm. Look at Huntington, Northport, Cold Spring Harbor, Amityville, Bayshore, Oakdale. They all have planning for their business districts, designed to draw people and have them want to come back.

  12. great ideas. we definitely need more of a “park” with shade seating and game tables. There are some game tables on the median on E Park Ave near Neptune Blvd, but I never see anybody playing there due to it’s location. perhaps they should be moved?

  13. Oh yeah, A FISHING SHOP! that’s exactly what we need! Like a hole in the head!!!!!

    Get real, and these are the same Dopes who want the Surfing Thingie back again. Go figure how stupid people can be..

  14. Huh? That was kind of a silly response. We live on an ocean. People fish on the beach and there is no Tackle shop. Better than a vacant store. Why are people who fish dopes?

  15. I’m a dope too.
    Why the bait shop failed I am unsure as fishing appears to be a year sport.

    There are many great answers to the question of what we would like to see. Next question is how does one attract business to a community?
    Does the Chamber of Commerce do it?
    Real estate agents?

  16. Uh, a bait and tackle shop is EXACTLY what we need. You have to go into Island Park to get bait. We have two piers and miles of beach yet no bait and tackle shop. It doesn’t make sense.

  17. There was a Quiznos, didnt make it. If you need supplies go to Long Beach Craft they have a great assortment of items. How about visiting the Earth Arts on Park. They have classes & private parties. If you would like to learn how to do fresh floral arrangements visit Santos Floral Designs on East Park. Christina (me) holds classes in the spring & fall. We make it a party with wine, appetizers & lots of fun! plus you make me friends & you get to take your Masterpiece Home:]

  18. We def do NOT need a pet shop selling live animals when thousands of healthy, unwanted pets are killed each year in places like the NYC ACC (see Facebook for their nightly “Pets on Death Row” & “Stop the Slaughter” lists). That’s where we should be turning to adopt a new pet. If you’d like more local, then check out our own shelter run by Rescue Ink or head over to Pet Supplies Plus in Oceanside where they offer adorable homeless cats & kittens in their “Kitty Cove” for adoption (not sale). If you’re one of those people that feels the need to seek a specific breed try PetFinder.com where many purebred rescues can also be found.

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