‘Quiksilver Pro 2012 New York’ Has Been Cancelled

While it was never a guarantee to be back in Long Beach, the New York stop has been officially cancelled. The Press Release below says it all:



Quiksilver and the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) today announced that The Quiksilver Pro New York will not return to the East Coast of the United States as a stop on the 2012 ASP World Title Series. The 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York marked the 6th of 11 events on the elite ASP World Title Series

“The 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York event was a huge success for the surfers and fans with great conditions and incredible support from New Yorkers.” says Rob Colby, President of Quiksilver Americas.  “Quiksilver is still very much committed to the ASP and the professional surfing tour in 2012 with the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast (Australia) and the Quiksilver Pro France.”

“It is unfortunate that we announce the cancellation of the 2012 Quiksilver Pro New York,” Dave Prodan, ASP International spokesman, said. “The 2011 installment was a fantastic event with excellent waves, tremendous local support and some of the best surfing we enjoyed all season. That said, we understand the factors leading to Quiksilver’s withdrawal of the New York event from the 2012 schedule. We appreciate Quiksilver’s continued support of the world’s best surfers with the Australian and European elite level events in 2012.”

For updates and additional information on the 2012 ASP World Tour, please go to: www.aspworldtour.com

Media Contact:
Catlin Rawling
Quiksilver Global Communications Director

25 Replies to “‘Quiksilver Pro 2012 New York’ Has Been Cancelled”

  1. when will LB grow up, it’s not 1965 surfers having contests to win beer. Never in the history of the town has there been a $300k dollar purse. Stupid arses!

  2. I agree with the poster above. That Certainly Has to Be Good News!
    We had more than enough last summer. Take them and their mess elsewhere. As a near by resident, the noise and the mess, the disruption to the boardwalk etc was not worth it. I know this is a beach-side resort city, but it is also our home. We live here not like the restaurant owners who couldn’t care less as long as they bring in the cash!

  3. $300k dollar purse? Who cares? Surfers $300k dollar purse isn’t what I came to Long Beach for.
    And it wasn’t for mobs of people coming here and disturbing our peace either.
    You want to see a $300k dollar purse? Move to Hawaii and see it, if Obama don’t take it away from you as fast as you get it.
    Than you Quick Silver, this is the best decision you have ever made.
    Burr bye.

  4. Oh look, Long Beach Business owner is back with his ridiculous comments and zero ability to back any of it up! Look forward to his split personality (account) responses!

  5. You are so short sighted!! What, what’s that you are pissed b/c taxes are going up! This event was huge for long beach and everyone that resides here…events like this keep the economy sound.

  6. I forgot about the Obama Commie conspiracy & his being a secret butt implant. That is the kind of bird turd logic that eliminates the ability to exchange ideas without Obama being weaved into the debate. At least suggest Obama is a surfer from Hawaii and is out to destroy Long Beach’s quiet with loud parties; that’s a plausible circumstance that actually occurred (sans surfers) in Hancock Prk, L.A. Please, live on planet earth and write to us free of Palin fantasy Commie accusations. Or catch a wave, a good low tide pounding will snap you out of the Surfers For Obama mind set.

  7. People keep mentioning the mess, what mess are you talking about? The mess from the city dwellers taking the train out on a holiday weekend is about 100x worse than anything I saw at the Quick Pro.

  8. I think it’s really funny that you have the name Big Kahuna and you are against the surfing competition. You really should pick a different name for yourself.

  9. blah im old and i dont like these young wipper snappers having fun in my town. bringing anything of value that might increase the noise and the traffic is scary and bad, i cant handle it, i live here because i think no one would ever consider visiting a beach community.

  10. Another stupid comment.
    And another jerk that thinks other people can’t have opposing views, and if they do they are Old fogies, or whatever.
    If that person wants to know what mess was made, try asking people that live directly by the event.

  11. Michelle,
    The reason I think so many comments get directed your way is because you tend to frame all your arguments upon how events affect you personally without regard for the larger picture and what may be good for others. “I” came to Long Beach for…” “Disturbing “our” peace..” “Who “cares” about…” and so on. It’s hard to have a rational conversation with someone when all they think about is their own interests. You personify that self-centeredness in this discussion.

  12. Are you for real?
    I was responding to this comment.
    “blah im old and i dont like these young wipper snappers having fun in my town. bringing anything of value that might increase the noise and the traffic is scary and bad, i cant handle it, i live here because i think no one would ever consider visiting a beach community.”
    Do you call that a rational argument?

  13. The word is that the new town council pulled the plug on QuikPro because they didn’t want to start out with a huge issue facing them. They promised open public hearings before agreeing to hold the event and they were afraid the town is split evenly for and against the event so they cancelled it to avoid controversy. There was a meeting at the Allegria with the Quik exec’s and the new board told them that the event was not going to happen, and asked them to make the announcement now so it happened on the outgoing town council’s watch. I guess these new guys are just as bad as the old ones! Its too bad! They all suck!

  14. Whoever you got “the word” from is not telling the truth. The new City Council had nothing to do with Quiksilver’s decision.

    They take over in January. Why don’t you wait and see how they deal with the financial disaster left by the Repulican coalition and the old Democrats.

    We are facing a crisis that was not created by the incoming administration. They will need all the support they can get to put Long Beach on a solid financial footing. We are all in this together. Think positive.

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