– Quiksilver President Rob Colby On Quik Pro NYC’s 2012 Hiatus

Head over to and read Quiksilver President Rob Colby On Quik Pro NYC’s 2012 Hiatus


From the article, Quiksilver President Rob Colby says:

“We’re going to take a breather for 2012,” says Colby. “The Americas business is doing very well, but we don’t want to lead with our chin—we want to be cautious in 2012.”

Quiksilver will reexamine doing the event in 2013. When asked how significant the 2011 event’s financial hit was, Colby responded, “It was a lot,” but despite that fact, the event was a success on a number of levels including engaging with mainstream media and the New York City market. “We were really pleasantly surprised by attendance during the week,” says Colby, adding that it was a great opportunity to engage the entire area with events in the city and in Long Beach.

Colby says he’s a firm believer in the concept of hosting large surf contests in major metropolitan areas and looks forward to bringing the event back to New York in the future.

Sorry that I’m just posting a bunch of links today, but it’s Saturday and I’m feeling lazy. This article does seem kind of promising that they won’t rule out a future return to Long Beach. Let’s hope that our new administration does the right thing and starts courting Quiksilver right away. The September 2011 event was not handled properly, but I am sure we all learned a lot from the experience. 

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