LB Herald updates us on the Quiksilver Pro 2012 situation

The LB Herald has an updated story regarding the Quiksilver Pro 2012 NewYork cancellation. In his article titled Quiksilver Pro N.Y. not returning to Long Beach in 2012, Anthony Rifilato writes:

A spokeswoman for Quiksilver, Catlin Rawling, declined to comment on the “factors” leading up to the company’s decision to cancel. “The … press release is what we are communicating at present time,” she said in an email. Colby, however, told Transworld Business that the decision to cancel was due to the cost of producing the event and losses incurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. He told the publication that Quiksilver exceeded its budget for the event, mostly due to the hurricane, but said he was hopeful about a return to New York in 2013. One city official said Quiksilver is trying to recuperate losses of roughly the $5 million through an insurance claim following the storm. City Manager Charles Theofan did not return a call for comment on Friday. Prodan told the Herald that while he could not discuss Quiksilver’s decision not to return, the company’s choice did not have to do with the possibility of poor wave conditions next year. He also said that the pro surfers had expressed a willingness to return to Long Beach and considered the event a success.

I tried contacting Catlin myself, but never heard back. Anyways, lots more information where that came from, so check it out.

(Source – LB Herald Quiksilver Pro N.Y. not returning to Long Beach in 2012)


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  1. Hasn’t this issue been hashed and rehashed enough already? That being said I think that it’s high time that QuickSilver find somewhere else to put on their show. It has already been proven that half of Long Beach doesn’t want them here, so let’s move on already. This horse has been beaten enough.
    We did without them for so long we can do without them now. They occupied our whole summer with these debates.
    If they don’t want to come back then screw them tell them to get lost.

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