‘Just Wing It’ has flown the coop. More Pizza for Pizza Quest. The call for hip food joints.

Just Wing It (18 E Park Avenue) is gone, which means something new will take that space. What did we say we have too much of in Long Beach? Nails Salons, right? Also RE offices, bagel shops, burger joints and what was that last thing.. hmm.. oh yeah: PIZZA!  Well, there must be something in the water around here because Pantano’s Pizza, which had a location in Merrick, is moving right in.

I know what you’re all thinking: More pizza? We are over saturated with pizza, but as long as the food is good and the place looks nice (*Please No More Fake Tuscany!), then I’ll welcome them with open arms and a hungry stomach.

In the meantime, Shaun’s Pizza Quest is now ‘The Neverending Story’ as more and more pizza places in Long Beach continue to open, close down, re-open and relocate.

* No reflection on the food establishments mentioned here, especially since Pantano’s doesn’t even have a decor yet. I’m just trying to get Long Beach to be a little bit more hip. What is ‘hip’? Well, I am not the authority on that, but I will say that some of these restaurant owners should go on a field trip to Manhattan & Brooklyn and see what’s going on there. A few examples: exposed brick, no dropped ceilings, hard wood floors or interesting tile. I know it’s a matter of taste, but as far as I’m concerned: various shades of beige (aka Fake Tuscany) doesn’t cut it anymore.


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