Guess who is getting a Community Bulletin Board (Sort of)

I wrote an article a few weeks ago on the idea of bringing Community Bulletin Boards to Long Beach. I will follow up after the new year by trying to turn this idea into a reality, but it looks like one of our neighbors beat us to the punch – only virtually!

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce has announced a virtual Community Bulletin Board! Check it out.

Pretty neat, I must say, but we in Long Beach need the real thing. We have way too many decentralized online sources/blogs/facebook groups and we have way too many events! Plus, we need to go after the LIRR crowd ($$$$$$).

Real Community Bulletin Boards are definitely the way to go for us, but kudos to the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce for experimenting with ways to bring their community together. I hope it’s a success.

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