Quiksilver Pro Back in Long Beach 2013? (Don’t get too excited)

“Quiksilver Says Long Beach Surfing Competition ‘a Possibility’ in 2013”

Don’t get too excited. That’s just the title of an article from the Wall Street Journal, which doesn’t really say anything new. You know the story:

  • ACT 2: Tropical Storm [Hurricane] Irene
  • ACT 3: SURF
  • ACT 4: BYE BYE 2012

How about 2013? From the article:

Mike Matey, vice president of marketing for the surf and sport retailer, says the brand is not entirely ruling out a return to Long Beach. “Our year-one investment is being assessed. We are working to understand how much it really cost. We thought we would take a year off and regroup and decide,” he said.

The competition portion could come back in 2013, Matey said: “It’s a still a possibility. We would hope to make a decision by the end of 2012.”

Yep, nothing to see here. Move along. (Thanks Amy for sending it in!)

4 Replies to “Quiksilver Pro Back in Long Beach 2013? (Don’t get too excited)”

  1. Quiksilver’s decision not to hold the competition in Long Beach in 2012 while leaving open the option in 2013 is a classic example of “things happen for the best”. Now, the city has time to put together a team of volunteer professional event planners (I know of at least three here in LB)who will develop a strategy for not only preparing the city for this event but for attracting others like it. The plan should address many of the concerns of the anti-Quiksilver residents and take appropriate steps to ensure that everyone: business owners, residents, visitors, spectators,and participants will share in the benefits.

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