January 1st Induction Ceremony will be streamed live

For those who can’t get to the induction ceremony due to no bus service, you’re in luck. The ceremony will be streamed live, according to the official City of Long Beach website (see – Induction Ceremony to be streamed live on January 1).

For those of you who CAN drive, walk, jog, run, skip or ride a bike: the ceremony is @ 12pm, 6th floor at City Hall (See Event Details).

Speaking of no bus service… City Hall did the same thing last year. Those who rely on the service, especially the disabled, can’t get around, yet the city has no problem handing out retirement payouts galore. They should have at least provided limited service for those who really need it.

2 Replies to “January 1st Induction Ceremony will be streamed live”

  1. There are also a large number of home health aids who travel by bus to their patients. I do not see how running even a limited number of buses would have made the deficit that much worse, especially since a large portion of the over spending was for Rec personnel.

    How can the members of the coalition show their faces in town? Or have they no shame?

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