Weeping for Joy (The Induction Ceremony)

City Hall literally wept today on the back of the man’s coat. I sat next him to while the “New” City Council was sworn in. A few drips caught my eye as they fell from the 6th floor ceiling when we were alternating from sitting to standing in applause for the swearing in of Fran Adelson, Scott Mandel and Len Torres and duty to our flag and country.

The room was filled with supporters from both sides of the horrific division during the November 2011 election. This ceremony thankfully was not interrupted by shouts of blame but genuine applause for going forward in what seems a dismal economic outlook in our City’s coffers. During the first Special City Council meeting a Temporary President was chosen. Mr. Torres was unanimously passed as the man in charge and in a gallant manor he declined and proposed Fran Adelson to be the President of the City Council. A drop fell again on the man’s coat. I felt obliged to tell him our ceiling was leaking but he looked so happy I didn’t want to rain on his parade. I look forward to watching our elected officials along with Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Fagen try and sort out what some consider a sinking ship of wasted monies and talent. You can watch them too! Kudos to the City for it’s first live Ustream video: LINK

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