Opinion: But Jack isn’t FROM Long Beach (Outsiders vs. Insiders…FIGHT!)

Ok, here is the third post in a row about new City Manger Jack Schnirman. And with that I coin the phrase “Jack-Trick“.

One of the issues the Boardwalk/Democratic Party ran with during the 2011 election was to hire a City Manager that lives in Long Beach. The person they picked, Jack Schnirman isn’t from Long Beach. No, he isn’t, but he is moving (or has already moved) here. Is that good enough for you? Because it is for me.

I know a lot of you folks (search the comments on this blog) had an issue that former-City Manger Theofan didn’t live in Long Beach. But was your real issue because he wasn’t from Long Beach or the fact that he wasn’t living here during his tenure? I never quite got that. Personally, I do think the City Manger should be living here during their tenure, but I don’t give a crap whether or not they are actually from here. Yep, I said it right here folks: I DON’T GIVE A CRAP. Why? Because this town is riddled with ugly, filthy, dirty and nasty politics: This person knows that person who is related to those people who hired these people that is an intern for those people, blah blah blah. Just from running this blog I hear a lot – stuff that would make you think we live in 1860’s Georgia with tons of backwards, small town politics… allegedly …HA!  To that I say “the more outsiders running our government, the better.”  But they should live here while in office because you never quite get the feel of a place unless you’re embedded in the community. That, I believe in.

When I came here several years ago, one of my neighbors told me “I’ve been living here for 15 years and they [long time residents] still treat me like an outsider because I wasn’t born here.” That stuck with me and it never went away because I’ve encountered that attitude myself. This brings me to my next issue: OUTSIDERS VS. INSIDERS. As an outsider I’ve heard it all:

“I’m a lifetime resident, eight generations in.”
 “I’ve lived here for 60 years”
“I’m one of the last babies born at the LB Medical Center.”

You know what? BIG FUCKING DEAL. I don’t care. What am I supposed to do when I hear that? Dance? Bake a cake? Clap? Why would any of that matter?

Ok… I lost track.

Oh yeah. I really don’t think that has anything to do with “how good you would be running this city.” You are either good or you’re not. Anyways, I do think Jack’s situation is the best of both worlds: Not from here, but living here now. Of course, the man hasn’t done anything yet, but let’s hope he does a good job.

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5 thoughts on “Opinion: But Jack isn’t FROM Long Beach (Outsiders vs. Insiders…FIGHT!)”

  1. As for Jack not being a local, that may actually be a benefit. He will not be coming in with preconceived notions and historical biases. Instead of looking backwards, maybe we got a city manager that will look and carry us forward.

  2. I think he will for the most part, follow along with what the council wants. Afterall, would you go against the 5 people that allow you to serve, at their leisure, and lose a $150k/year position?

    It’s really the council that needs to change and I hope they do now that Sofield and Goodman are out.

    This is the biggest reason why we need an elected mayor that operates the day-to-day business of the city.

  3. well said – could not agree more. Mr. Schnirman has defined an agenda which seems right on. If he is unable to implement (or is prevented from doing so by getting sandbagged by the council), he can/should publicly explain why. Then we can get a nice inside look at how the town really works.

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