Mrs. Gillibrand Goes To Washington (and begs Quiksilver to come back)

I loved the Quiksilver Pro (and wrote about why here). I also loved the buzz that it created and continues to create. Hence why I was so exceedingly disappointed to get news that the QPNY 2012 was called off by Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight himself.

It seems though, not everyone believes “no means no.” Take U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY). She’s written a letter (and issued a press release) directly to Mr. McKnight begging for Quiksilver to reconsider and come back to Long Beach in 2012.

In the letter she says, “over a hundred thousand spectators gathered last summer” in Long Beach and noted the “optimum surf conditions and overwhelming community support.” She goes on to say that Long Beach has “the necessary experience, resources, and infrastructure to help … meet your needs and ensure a successful competition” and asks Mr. McKnight “to reevaluate your decision to not include Long Beach in the 2012 competition.”

Finally, Gillibrand says “I hope that together we can work to put this event back on the schedule”

Kudos to Senator Gillibrand for getting involved in Long Beach and escalating the importance of the Quiksilver Pro to a state issue – which it rightly is. What happens in Long Beach with an event of this size does not just affect our strip of beach, but impacts the Island, New York City, and the state as a whole.

You can already see the difference between the run-up to last year’s event and the run-up to this year’s (non)event. Last time around, out of nowhere a press release came out from City Hall saying, “this is happening, suck it.” (I might be paraphrasing). This time around – even though the event has been canceled – we’ve had community involvement, City Hall discussions, and now a U.S. Senator getting in the mix.

While I would love for the event to come back this year, I don’t see that happening after Quiksilver was burned so badly by the Sofield/Theofan administration the last time around. What I do see though is an amazing event already taking shape for 2013. So, let’s start getting our QPNY 2013 t-shirts and stickers ready to go.

You can read the full press release here

(Hat tip The_Allegria_Sucks for pointing me towards the PR so quick)

If you appreciate Senator Gillibrand’s efforts on behalf of Long Beach, why not drop her a line like user ABee did @

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24 thoughts on “Mrs. Gillibrand Goes To Washington (and begs Quiksilver to come back)”

  1. Right now the ASP is a total mess and likely there won’t be an event put in NY’s place. There doesn’t have to be 11 events in a season, some years there are more, some years there are less.

  2. Mrs. Gillibrand opens her big dumb trap only when she thinks that she can get a vote from it.
    Mrs. Gillibrand, you don’t know surfing from a hole in the wall, stay away from this!!!!!

    And QuickSilver, Go Away! And Stay Away!

  3. Gillibrand isn’t up for election for four years

    As I’m the king of typos, two quick points:
    “Conserned” does not have an ‘s’ in it
    “QuickSilver” does not have a ‘c’ in it

  4. Just for your information, not that I feel I have to explain, I spelled Concerned,. “Conserned” because when I applied for my e-mail account The correct way of spelling Concerned was NOT available, so I played with the spelling so that I would be able to use that in my e-mail name.
    Now I would like to say that your attempt to put down or should I say disparage what I said in my post because of the spelling of my Handel was not appreciated. I was under the impression that people would be able to post their opinions here without being put down by others who had an opposing opinion.
    And you should know better than to do so. It’s very easy to denigrate other people’s opinions, but is it the right thing to do? I don’t think that it is.

  5. I think that the Country has much more important issues for a U.S. Senator to deal with than a “surfing competition.
    But that’s just the opinion of a “Concerned” Citizen

  6. I didn’t “put down” your opinion, just corrected your spelling, and factual lapse. Readers help fix my posts on a near daily basis and I’m quite appreciative of it.

  7. why do you want to ruin everybody’s fun?

    btw, you are entitled to your opinion, but the “doesn’t the country have more important issues” statement is one that absolutely drives me crazy. As if the human race shouldn’t think of anything else, but money and war.

  8. Well, To each his own, to me war,and the way this country is being run into the ground and yes, even money is more important to ME than the “awesome” Surfing competition.

    And if money isn’t so important to you, then why are the restaurant owners and the T-shirt stores so peed off about the fact that it was canceled? Inquiring minds would like to know that!

    Thank you very much.

  9. No, I never implied anything like that at all. And you should knpw that!! What I said was “I think that the Country has much more important issues for a U.S. Senator to deal with than a “surfing competition”

    Did you notice my reference to the words, “A U.S. SENATOR”

    So please don’t twist my words. Or interpret their meaning. I explicitly said “A U.S. SENATOR”.
    I fully and clearly expressed my feeling about the importance of the needs of the country vs. a Surfing Competition.

  10. Not to get involved here in your grammar and spelling abilities, but you spelled handle wrong as well. Although Handel is indeed a great composer.

  11. Mrs. Gillibrand is the US Senator from NY. IMO, by addressing the surfing competition, she is showing that it drew national attention and is a positive event for her state, Nassau County, and the City of Long Beach.

    After looking at the tour schedule, I doubt 2012 is likely but it was heartening to see no other east coast location had been selected.

    I also emailed to thank her and mentioned that there are those who will be unhappy with her for her support of the event, but they are the ones who seem to be opposed to any new idea.

    We, as a community, have to look past our little lives and see what will benefit the town as a whole.

  12. Gillibrand has been a LOUSY Senator from day one, why would anyone think that she changed?
    She’s a typical Democrat, She puts her finger to the wind and votes the way the wind blows.

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