A few thoughts on Gillibrand’s letter to Quiksilver (Quiksilver is Good For You and New York)

Note: I was going to write this as a comment, but had way too much to say, so I am exercising my ‘seabythecity’ power by starting a new thread.

Regarding U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s press release, urging Quiksilver to come back to Long Beach in 2012.

First of all, please put the whole Democrat/Republican crap aside. If the Democrats say chocolate ice cream is better, the Republicans will start screaming that vanilla ice cream is better and you’re not a patriot if you think otherwise. It’s so stupid. Both parties are stupid. U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s press release has nothing to do with what party she is from. She is doing her job and I would still commend her for that, regardless of what party she is from. Heck, at least she is paying attention; half of these politicians do nothing once they are elected.

So why would she reach out to Quiksilver in the first place?

It has to do Tourism, one of New York State’s biggest industries. The Quiksilver Pro is a prestigious event that happens to be international. Why wouldn’t Gillibrand want them back in New York? If I were a U.S. Senator, I would be reaching out to anybody I could to do business here. Less we forget, the Quiksilver Pro and other ASP World Surfing tours are international (France, Brazil, Portugal, Brazil.. etc). Here is the wiki of the the 2012 Tour (which needs to be updated): 2012_ASP_World_Tour .

What was Quiksilver Pro’s impact on Long Beach?

We can go back and forth on this all we want. Did the city make enough money from this event? How about the local businesses? The LONG TERM EFFECT of QSPRO2011 was written on this blog before, so here is a copy and paste from that (read – A few thoughts regarding the Quiksilver Pro & Local Business):

  1. Long Beach, NY is now regarded as a surf city – not just nationally, but internationally.
  2. Long Beach, NY has and will be mentioned in every major surf publication (online, magazines) for the next few months – at least. (cough cough cough cough)
  3. Long Beach, NY is a train ride away from a city that everybody in the world wants to visit: New York City. How many surfers around the world are now going to make that trip to the Big Apple and take a pit stop to the town that hosted the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York?  Lots.
  4. How many of these folks are going to spend money in our stores? Renting surf boards at out shops? Eating at our restaurants? Lots.

Yes, the event is over, but our elected officials will want to keep that momentum going. It doesn’t matter how well local businesses did those two weeks in September, it’s the loooooong teeeeeerm effeeeeeeect: To get those folks who were already going to visit NYC to check out that ‘cool beach/surf community’ that is only a train ride away. One can argue that New York also wants to promote New York to New Yorkers. Most New Yorkers that live north of the Bronx go to the Jersey Shore for the beach. Why not try to keep their money here?

Do we even want Long Beach to be a tourist destination?

I keep hearing the same stuff from the NIMBY folks: But Long Beach is a residential area. Well guess what? With a population of over 8 million people, one can argue that NYC is more residential than us, especially with the density factor. What does that mean? Should NYC get rid of all museums because it’s a residential area? Should NYC get rid of the theater district because it’s a residential area? Should NYC get rid of all things that make NYC great because it’s a residential area – and all in the name of traffic and parking?


We live in New York. Traffic and parking are going to be tough all over. If you don’t like it, then move to South Dakota.

Long Beach has the infrastructure to handle events like the Quiksilver Pro. We just didn’t have a good plan in place. That can and will (most likely) be corrected for future events.

From a local point of view, it’s not all about the money: The Entertainment Factor:

I enjoyed the Quiksilver Pro and found myself very lucky to be able to walk down the block and see all these pro surfers putting on a great show. Oh yeah, and not to rehash another thing that was written here before, but: We saw Kelly Slater surf Long Beach and we weren’t forced to buy a t-shirt to do it: THE EVENT WAS FREE.  As far as I’m concerned, the entertainment factor alone is reason enough to want Quiksilver back in Long Beach.


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9 thoughts on “A few thoughts on Gillibrand’s letter to Quiksilver (Quiksilver is Good For You and New York)”

  1. You asked to “please put the whole Democrat/Republican crap aside”, well we are talking about a democratic Senator, and she is responsible for all that crap. Look, Kirsten Gillibrand’\ is a worthless, do nothing, say-anything-to-get-elected senator who is in her position by virtue of political appointment. She has totally screwed her upstate constituency and become the darling of the political left – aka New York City. I would rather vote for Alvin the Chipmunk and would probably stand to benefit more if he was elected.
    And lets not forget that she supported that crook Charlie Rangel. How can New Yorkers support Gillibrand when she supports Charlie Rangel.
    Gillibrand supports Obama’s policy of refusing to use the word “jihad”.
    Gillibrand voted for a $500 billion cut in Medicare funds in ObamaCare.
    Gillibrand voted for the “stimulus” bill which approved of taxpayer funded bonuses for AIG executives.
    Gillibrand supports the Ground Zero Mosque project.
    Gillibrand supports the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City.
    Gillibrand voted for ObamaCare.
    Is this the stuff that you want us to put aside? Is a freaken surfing contest more important?
    No my friend Quiksilver is not that important to me!

  2. And i ask again “please put the whole Democrat/Republican crap aside”
    What does what you wrote have ANYTHING to do with long beach or Quiksiver?
    This blog as nothing to do with that other stuff you wrote about. Maybe you are better off finding a more general political blog.

  3. My point is Anthony, are we supposed to bend over and kiss Gillibrand’s backside because she wrote a letter to Quiksilver and forget everything else? I don’t think so. But it’s your blog and you can do/say whatever you please.
    I for one will not write her anything to praise her for this when she has contributed so much else to America’s downfall.
    From your perspective Quiksilver is a priority. From mine America’s well-being is the one and only priority.

  4. “please put the whole Democrat/Republican crap aside” is the third time a charm?

    Listen, of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I have a right to defend mine. Yes, I agree with you that many politicians such as Gillibrand do stuff that most of us disagree with, but does that mean we cannot move forward as a county? Does that mean nothing should get done because [insert politician name] has been a bad bad person?

    You are basically saying “The Quiksilver Pro shouldn’t come back to Long Beach because Gillibrand voted for ObamaCare.” How crazy is that?

    The point of my article was this: I want the Quiksilver Pro back and I am glad that a politician (couldn’t care what party they are from ) is trying to bring them back. Everything you wrote has nothing to do with Quiksilver. It’s the fact that you are a Republican and you hate everything every Democrate does. So should I eat Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Which flavor will make me more of a patriot?

    Btw, I am not a liberal or conservative, I am registered independent that actually didn’t vote for Gillibrand.

    Furthermore, American’s well-being is important to me too. That is why I hope Quiksilver comes to New York next year instead of them adding another date in a foreign county, most likely a place that will welcome them with open arms. Us folks in Long Beach could really use the jobs.

    With that, I reply no-more because I know I made my point, so have fun on your soapbox.

  5. Anthony said, “You are basically saying “The Quiksilver Pro shouldn’t come back to Long Beach because Gillibrand voted for ObamaCare.” How crazy is that?”

    No Anthony I did not say that at all, nor did I imply that. My point had nothing to do with Quiksilver.
    My point was and is that I would not kiss up to Gillibrand by writing to her to give her ANY Kudos because of a letter that she wrote.

    And in reply to Concerned Citizen, those were Facts, NOT my opinion. If you disagree, spend two minutes on google and look it up.
    Thank you to both of you.
    And Anthony, I’ll honor your request and get off my “Soap-Box”
    But if American’s well-being is important to you as much as it is to me. Think of our priorities.
    Thanks for the opportunity to speak out.

  6. But this blog entry has everything to do with QS?!?

    No sense arguing politics in this space, but in finishing, to say Gillibrand has done so much to contribute to America’s downfall is not only simply opinion (and as such, subjective and not – at least entirely – factual), it is also a heavily biased statement. It seems as if you are completely ignoring the contributions of the other side of the aisle to “the downfall of America”.

    But again, this does not seem to be the best forum for that debate.

    I too will step down from the soap box and jump back to the beginning – I hope they bring this thing back, for the reasons stated above, and for the fact that it was great fun and all the local kids loved it.

  7. Who cares who brought the attention to the situation? I would love to see Quiksilver back here!! Doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for anyone though.

  8. It’s amazing how much destruction such a worthless / do nothing senator can cause. If she is for quiksilver, then we must surely all come out against it!

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