Newsday – “Movies shot on LI” Map (Hooray for Long Beach!)

Newsday posted a Long Island Movie Map, which is terribly incomplete. So only two movies were filmed in Long Beach? JUST TWO? We know there were more than that! How did they forget about the Godfather? That’s like the best movie of all time (Ok, second best according to IMDB, but like it better than Shawshank).

I posted a list a few years ago of movies & tv shows shot in Long Beach. Below is an updated list of just movies. Am I missing anything?

Anyways, check out the incomplete Newsday Movie Map:  Newsday – Movies Shot on LI. Hopefully they will update it.

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6 thoughts on “Newsday – “Movies shot on LI” Map (Hooray for Long Beach!)”

  1. City By The Sea – Asbury Park.

    Tester: Great idea! I’ll work on it – hopefully get a post up for each movie, but it’s gonna take some time. Of course, if anybody wants to help out…

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