Sleeping With One Eye Open. Any Roach Remedies? (Apartment Living in Long Beach)

And now for something a little different…  ROACHES!! Hey, somebody has to talk about it…..A reader named Joe from Shore Road sends in the following:

I read your blog all the time and was wondering if I could pose a question for you and your fellow readers.

I recently moved into a condo/apartment complex on Shore Road, and I gotta say I love living in LB.  As the weather has gotten really cold over the past few days certain creatures that would normally live outside are starting to move inside and I have seen two of them in my apartment and they completely freak me out.  I won’t even mention their name, let’s just say it rhymes with “ockroaches”.

Keep in mind I don’t do anything stupid, like keep open food out or leave the garbage uncovered.

My question to you and the readers is, is this just a side-effect of apartment building living?  And does anybody have any good remedies for getting rid of them or at-least controlling them?

So can anybody help Joe from Shore Road out? It’s funny, I lived in apartments in NYC for 20 years and have had my fair share of Roach Battles. I often wondered if Long Beach had a roach problem as well. Here are a few things that I did:

  • Boric Acid mixed with sugar in a flat tray under your sink. The sugar attracts the suckers and the boric acid kills them.
  • Try to find and plug all small holes: under sink, pipes, etc. Use either steel wool or find some plumbing putty at the hardware store.
  • Use zip lock bags a lot and all open boxes such as cereal should be placed in your refrigerator or tupperware.

That’s all I did. Did I win my roach battle? Well, I am still alive, but I’m mentally scarred for life. Any more tips to add?

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3 thoughts on “Sleeping With One Eye Open. Any Roach Remedies? (Apartment Living in Long Beach)”

  1. Joe,
    I moved into an apartment on Shore Road in April and immediately found out that there was a roach problem in my building. I signed up for the exterminator to spray my apartment every time he came to the building and still I kept finding the critters inside my cabinets and on my counters. I finally went to Ace Hardware and bought a Combat gell that you put in strategic places around the apartment. I did it in August and have only seen one roach since, and that’s because I’m due to reapply. Good luck on your battle.

  2. I think the roaches moved into each building as they were completed. My building has an exterminator on a regular schedule. The recycle bins on each floor contribute to the problem if you have neighbors who don’t wash out their jars and cans or who leave pizza boxes with food still in them.

    I use the roach traps under my sinks and along side my refrigerator and where the gas lines come in. If you have pets be careful what you put down. Your super may also have a more commercial strength remedy too.

    I almost fainted the first time I saw a roach in MY apartment, I had always lived in a house before moving to LB so it was a shock to learn there were bugs here.

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