Winter in the West End

And So This Is Winter in the West End.

A calm pervades the neighbors of the West End during these cold days as they relish in the abundance of empty parking spaces. Summer seems far far away yet there should be a new addition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The syndrome will be called West End Parking Phobia.  You or a family member may have this condition if you or family members exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:


1. In the Summer, you don’t use your car from Thursday evening till Sunday late afternoon. You do this because if you leave your spot chances of finding one remotely in any of the state streets will result in a search of over 40 minimally minutes. In worse case scenarios you have declined invitations out of Long Beach for fear of not having a space to return.


2. You park in the East part of town and ride your bike back to the West to avoid said waiting time.


3.  You and your neighbors have instituted a secret way of moving your cars in order to save spots for each other or company that will be coming down for the weekend.


4.  Your car keys are never out of sight in case a beachgoer moves his/her car. If desperate you may actually convert to stalker status as a beachgoer looks like they maybe rummaging for car keys in their bag, but alas, they head for a slice of pizza.


5. The borough of your birth comes out when you’ve been known to scream from your porch “SPOT”! and your neighbors fly into action with the aforementioned secret  dance of the moving vehicles.


6. You’ve received a ticket from the LBPD for double-parking in front of your house.


7. You have zero empathy for any other section of the City when they complain about parking.


All sarcasm aside the parking situation has been spiraling out of control and we all complain. The Old City Council had no answers. Will the “New” City Council address this daunting issue? We are a barrier island. There is only so much room so realistically parking will always be an issue. It does make for good conversation though.


I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV, but my advice is to enjoy the simple things in life. Winter is short where parking is abundant, oh except when it snows, and then we’re screwed.

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2 thoughts on “Winter in the West End”

  1. I love this article about parking in the West End. My daughters call the summer parking game “the dance” but I’d like to share a story that kind of captures why I love the West End and why “the dance” is really one of the things that makes it so special.

    My sister lives across the street from me. On a beautiful warm Saturday in August, 2010 our mom passed away in Calvary Hospital with her children at her bedside. When we returned home in the late afternoon, there was a parking spot in front of my house and one in front of my sister Barbara’s. We knew that our neighbors kept watch so that we could return home from this grueling day to a convenient place to park.

  2. Great article, Seashelly. I love the West End in the summer, despite the parking. But winter in WE has its own charm. It’s nice and calm and its a real contrast to the hustle and bustle in the summer. Regardless, I’m counting the days to the summer.

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